Wednesday, October 3, 2007

M pooped!!!

I can't believe it. (Oh, yeah...if you're not a mom or a mom who doesn't like to talk about poop, STOP READING NOW. )

Okay, you've had you're warning.

We've had two tee-tee's in the potty. Tonight, around 5:45, M started telling me she had poop in her diaper, but she didn't. Before her bath, I put her on the potty, but she kept getting up and running around. I told her if she didn't sit down, I was going to put her in the tub. Being a two-year-old, she continued to get off the potty, so I plunked her in the semi-warm bath water.

She stood up a few times and said, "Mommy, POOP!" I ignored her, of course, as any good mother would.
After about the 15th warning from M, I finally said, "M, if I put a diaper on you, would you poop?"
"Yes, Mommy!!!" She started to get herself out of the tub.
When she was standing on the towel, I smelled the tell-tell smell and her little cheeks were clenched so tight. I KNEW I'd never had a chance to get a diaper on her, so I put her skinny little tail right on her potty. AND SHE POOPED ON THE POTTY!!!

YAHOO!!! We had poop in the potty!!! She hated the wiping process, but enjoyed flushing her poop away.

Now I have some sanitizing to do.


Colleen said...

We've had a couple poops in the potty sort of like that. I just knew it was coming and was lucky to plop her on the pot in time. One day potty training will really come... but I'm honestly in no rush.

Anonymous said...

YIPEEE!!!! A little poop conversation never scared me away! Fabulous job, M! What a good and kisses,

melody is slurping life said...

LOL. I cannot decide if it's delightful or pitiful the way us moms discuss poop. :)

YAY, M!!!! Wiping is just no fun with the dry tissue versus a wet wipe clean up. :)

Kyla said...

Great job, M!!

Stacy said...

Great job M!! Those little steps are so exciting to us moms. :)

Christina said...

yay, congrats to M and Mama. We haven't had the big poop event here yet. :o)

Arizaphale said...

Did you do the 'Poo in the Potty' dance?? I leaped around the back garden going 'Hooray hooray for the Baby Angel'. Lord knows what the neighbours thought. Our rule was 'commence toilet training the summer they turn two' so you can put the potty outside and let them run around knickerless. Worked a treat!