Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

On a whim (actually, a hope and a prayer!), I took M to meet some friends at a local collage to take Christmas card pictures by the lake. The sun was setting, so we were SHORT on time. Thankfully, M was cooperative. I think I took about 60 of her playing around. Too bad I had the incorrect white balance for atleast 20 of them!

I LOVE this picture. I really like it in bw, but it lacks some depth. It seems rather "shallow" when I convert it. If I crank up the contrast, the lightest portions blow out and the darker portions become too dark. I'm going to keep working on it.

Another favorite, but my white balance wasn't right, so it's too dark. When I work on it in PSE, it helps, but I'm not crazy about the technical aspects of it.

M has had ENOUGH picture taking. Actually, not. She was playing around. I've seen this face a lot recently, though.

Just wanted to show off the cast. Many people didn't realize how encompassing the cast is. Thsoe are her sweet little piggies poking out of the bottom and the cast is nearly up to her hip.
A sweet story: When we were done taking pictures, an older couple walked by. I'd left M on this bench while the other kids and I took some pictures on a bridge several feet away. We all walked toward M together. The older lady noticed her and commented on her cast. She asked what happened (in a kind, not nosey way) and I told her she'd had some reconstructive surgery on her foot. I was going to leave it at that, but I noted that the lady wanted more information, so I proceeded to explain about the club foot, blah, blah, blah. Well, it turns out that her husband is a retired orthopedist! He knew all about club feet, the surgery, everything! He even knew one of our previous orthopedists! This is a small, small world.
I might post pictures of the other cute kiddos tomorrow, with their mommy's permission. It is certainly much harder to capture two than it is one!


Kyla said...

It IS a small world. We have those moments a lot. Once, I ran into a blog reader at K's neurologist, and another time I ran into a classmate of mine who had started working there! I guess it happens a lot at the neurologist's, LOL. Crazy mixed up world.

Great photos! I love that last one. So sweet.

Christina said...

Oh, these are aDORable!!! What sweet captures. Personally, I would use one that prominantly shows the cast for the Christmas cards! What a cool story, too.

If you want to send me a few of the original files, I'm happy to see what I can do with correcting white balance and increasing contrast??

Andi said...

Oh, Nat! These are precious!!! I, too, love the one with her fully exposed cast. I had no idea it came up so far. She is such a trooper, and I love the story about her scooting herself. She's a smart one...I can not wait to see what you do with this year's cards! :)

Maggie said...

These look great! I am mega impressed that you got such great shots - and more than one even - wow!

Arizaphale said...

That first one is a winner alright! Living in Adelaide they say we have two degrees of separation! For a city of 1 000 000 people everyone is surprisingly connected!
Looking forward to seeing more photos.

MelanieB said...

Those pics are great! She looks so grown up in some of them.