Sunday, November 23, 2008

Making History

**Warning! Warning**
This post is NOT a patient update on the Queen of the Benson Household! (Although she is doing fine and has not had any pain medication today!! Praise the Lord!)

H and I are making history over here at the Benson household. We are almost done with our Christmas shopping. *collective gasp of shock*

Yes, friends, I know it's a never-before-heard-of phenomenon. We're the last minute kind of people. I know this year will be no different--we'll still be picking up treasures at the last minute. But the BULK of it...most of it...almost ALL of it is done.

Now the debate is this: to get up early on Black Friday or not. To shop or not to shop. That is the debate. (For my friends who are not in the US: Black Friday is the day after our Thanksgiving. It's one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, shopping day of the year. Most of the stores in the US have huge sales that start before the sun considers rising. Some people stand in line for hours before the stores open to get the best sales.)

What are YOUR plans on Black Friday?


Arizaphale said...

What is black Friday? Congratulations on your achievement!!! I am in awe.

Christina said...

You're like the 4th person I know that's done or almost done. It just makes me feel pathetic since I've barely even begun. I will NOT be going on on Black Friday, tho!

Kyla said...

WOW! Haven't started. Waiting on bonus money.

I go shopping with my parents on Black Friday. I usually don't buy much, but I like to go.

Maggie said...

Wow! I am so impressed -- normally I am done by now, but this year I haven't gotten much beyond starting...let alone done! But my plans for Black Friday include sleeping...I will be coming off of about 48 hours awake, and there will be no such thing as too much rest by the time Friday gets here...