Friday, February 12, 2010

Perfect: Big, wet, and fluffy

Today was a perfect day!

I woke up early this morning and finished making snacks for M's Valentine's Day party. I put it off in case school was cancelled because of the forecast for...SNOW!

Had a great time at the party. A post about that is forthcoming.

After rest time (during which I try to nap and M watches PBS), M screamed, "It's snowing EVERYWHERE!"

But what in the world does one wear when it only snows once a year (or four years)?

Here is what we decided to wear:

Pajamas on bottom. Pull on a pair of bright pink sweatpants.

Now find a snow shirt and put it on top of the pajamas.

Top if all off with a hat and a hooded sweatjacket.
M couldn't decide what to do in the snow first. She just ran around for a while. She finally decided to play in her tree house where she could run in for protection and run out to catch snowflakes on her tongue.

She took a little time to blow some snow kisses to Mama and Daddy.
We ended our snow play with a quick walk around the neighborhood. The temperature is supposed to drop to 25 degrees tonight, so we should wake up to snow in the morning. The best part is we're supposed to have a potential snow fall Monday, too!

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Kyla said...

Ooooooh, I'm jealous.