Sunday, February 7, 2010

Head in the Sand

It seems I've typed those words before: Head in the Sand.

I haven't written anything because I really don't have a lot of positive things to say and I'm tired of being broken. I'm tired of whining. I'm tired of being sad. So I just haven't posted. I'm ducking my head in the sand, because quite honestly, I don't even like my own company and I'm sure you wouldn't like it either!

I went to the doctor last week because, despite a change in fertility regiment, I still am not pregnant. This is the last month I can take the medicines I'm currently taking. The most frustraing part is that the next step in fertility treatment doesn't really fix what's wrong with me. My body is working "perfectly." But it still isn't doing what I want it to do! (See... do you really want to spend any more time with me!?! All I do is whine!)

I should tell you how sweet M has been lately and how I see her little faith growing each day. She has so many questions right now and it's amazing to see her accept Biblical truth. I'll tell those stories soon.

But now, let me show you the highlight of my week:

This is my dad.

This is my dad having his book signed by our favorite author.

This is my dad and Vince Flynn.

And me! This is ME AND VINCE FLYNN. Meeting him was incredible. I didn't say much to him because I was so tongue tied. We had to opportunity to listen to him before the book signing and it was incredible. He was so down to earth and so real. He talked about his family, his home, his life. I could have listened to him for hours.
I hope to have some more uplifting posts coming soon. In the meantime, I'll be coming by to visit you and see what you've been up to.


Andi said...

Nat, you know my favorite place in the world is the beach, so what do I care about a little bit of sand? And whining? You know I was once given the nickname of "Mona" because I love to whine and moan so you see, I am not going anywhere! CALL ME and let's chat or get together and whine and moan...I love you, and I know this is so hard for you. It's really ok to be human, Superwoman!
By the way, I love the photos of you and your dad with the author, especially your photo. How fun. Can't wait to hear all about it. Kisses to you and M! Seriously, call me.

Kyla said...

You know we don't mind you pouring your heart out to us...isn't that what blogging is for? Goodness knows my blog wasn't all sunshine and roses. I'm here anytime!!