Sunday, February 14, 2010


M's very best friend is a ten year old. It is one of the sweetest friendships I've ever seen. They both adore each other. One of the sweetest things about the whole thing is that I met B when she was just a tiny baby. I took care of her and now she takes care of my baby.

B has reached a milestone. She earned her very first pair of toe shoes for ballet. She wanted a series of pictures before they got dirty, so we did a quick little photo shoot after church last week. Looking back at them, I see so many more creative opportunities that I just didn't think of. That's my biggest problem as a photographer. I haven't trained myself to think outside of the box, to be creative.


Arizaphale said...

I dunno. I bet she's pretty happy with those shots. I used to dream of toe shoes ....*sigh*

Christina said...

I think you did a lovely job, Natalie!

Maggie said...

You did a wonderful job! I bet she is super excited to have those shots to remember her first pair of toe shoes!