Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 Things We Have Done

Because I am a copycat, I'm now going to borrow Kyla's idea to do 10 Things We HAVE Done. Trust me on this one...the Benson's will not be as exciting as Kyla's.

10 Things I (Natalie) HAVE Done:

1.) Driven to Atlanta (1.5 hours away) and back three times in one day.

2.) Been in a wreck. (not on the Atlanta trips)

3.) Attended several Olympic Events. (spectator...not athlete)

4.) Seen The Phantom of the Opera in multiple cities.

5.) Laughed until I wet my pants.

6.) Met a murderer.

7.) Sewn outfits for M.

8.) Been to Bar Harbor, Maine.

9.) Read a book in less than one day. (many times)

10.) Been quoted in the newspaper.

10 Things M Has Done: (she is helping me create this list)

1.) Slept on the beach.

2.) Watched TV.

3.) Played on the computer.

4.) Seen dolphins play in the ocean.

5.) Helped in the kitchen.

6.) Watched Star Worlds (otherwise known as Star Wars)

7.) Spent the night with a boy.

8.) Flew to Las Vegas. (in utero)

9.) Swam underwater.

10.) Rode a horse.

10 Things H HAS Done: (H did not help me with this list.)

1.) Been on a cruise.

2.) Been married twice.

3.) Eaten liver.

4.) Been in a wreck.

5.) Sung karaoke in public.

6.) Stayed up all night working on a home improvement project.

7.) Helped deliver his daughter.

8.) Painted a house (inside and out).

9.) Sued someone.

10.) Lived in only 3 houses his entire life.

So, friends...there you have it. More useless information to file away. I hope you've enjoyed this installment of "and other stuff."


Kyla said...

We've got 5, 9, and 10 in common.

M and I have everything except 1 and 8 in common.

H and I don't have anything in common!

Maggie said...

Great lists! I love that you three all have such different things on your lists!

Arizaphale said...

She SPENT A NIGHT WITH A BOY??????hahahahahahahahahahahahaha