Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dearest Baby

Dearest Baby,

You are truly a miracle from God. We have wanted you for so long, prayed for you, cried for you, begged for you...and all the while, God had a perfect plan for when you would come into our lives. I can't believe we've made it this far together. God is still working in my heart, sweet baby. I admit that I'm living this time with you in fear. I worry every day if my body is strong enough to carry you to be a healthy baby. I can't wait to meet you when you are a tiny, screaming, red faced baby. M can't wait to hold you and give you all kind of hugs and kisses.

I love going to the doctor to hear your strong heart beat. Today your heart was thumping away at 148 beats per minutes, proof that you are growing and thriving, confirmation that everything is as it should be at this point. In three short (but very long) weeks, we'll get to see you and discover if you're a brother or a sister.

If you're a brother, I want you to teach M about cars, cowboys, pirates, and bugs. If you're a sister, I hope you share all kinds of secrets, tea parties, and pink things that girls love. No matter what you are, M is going to teach you all kinds of things: how to LOVE taking a bath, what it takes to be a rock star, how to sit still and listen to a story all the way through, and how to ride a bike. You're a lucky baby to have M for a big sister. She's even luckier to have you as a baby.

I love you, dearest baby. My arms long to feel you in them. My ears long to hear your sweet coos and your screeching cries. I can't wait to see you in your daddy's arms, snuggled in for a nap. He's got the best arms for that, you'll find. Your sister gives the best kisses ever...just juicy enough and smack on the lips. You'll get tons of those, I just know.

It won't be long, yet it feels like it won't ever arrive: the day of your arrival. I'll wait...maybe not patiently, precious baby, and not without lots of worry. I'm still learning to trust the Lord in all things. As much as I love you already, I know He loves you even more--more than I could even begin to understand.

Love you to a million pieces,
Your Mama


Christina said...

Sweetness, Nat! Such sweetness here. This little one is such a blessing and so blessed. *HUGS and BELLY PATS!*

Kristen said...

so sweet :)

Andi said...

Oh Nat. *sigh*
This is the sweetest thing ever. I am so happy for you all. PLEASE keep us posted. I miss you!

Kyla said...

Awww! I'm so happy for you...and for that baby, he or she has NO idea what a loving family it will be born into.

Melody said...

Natalie, I have chills and tears. So SO happy for your blessing.

Trust Him.

*belly pats* like Christina. :)

P.S. I may have to make a drive to Macon when the baby is born.

Maggie said...

So sweet! I'm still so excited for your family to grow by one! I worked this weekend and one of my coworkers is 15 weeks and we scanned her to find out she's having a boy! And we all took some time to acknowledge how lucky we are to be able to peek in on babies any time we please...praying that the three weeks that you have to wait goes quickly and that your little one cooperates on the big day and reveals those parts!

Arizaphale said...

Firstly, apologies that I haven't been by for so long. I am often thinking of you and how you're going though. I don't know how I know, but I DO know, exactly how much of a joy and blessing this baby is for you and your family. I am so grateful that the Lord has seen fit to answer your (and our!) prayers, in His own time of course. I am so going to love keeping up with your journey...