Sunday, October 3, 2010

Keep comin' back

I keep comin' back to this place, but I can't find the words to share. All is well. All is good, actually. We're less than 6 weeks (hopefully!) from meeting our boy. As I get closer to meeting him, I get more tired and more emotional. Poor H is married to a woman who is either mad or crying. You can pray for him and for the psychotic woman who has overtaken my body and soul. My mom assured me this is nothing new for me and is actually H's reality. That did a lot to reassure me that I will one day be a pleasant person again.

I'm normally the "strict" parent while H usually plays the "Disneyland Dad" role. Because I've been so tired, he's had to take up my slack. Poor M is majorly confused about our switch in parenting roles. Just the other evening, H bought her a treat at a football game. She'd eaten about half when I returned from visitig with some teachers I knew there. She asked me if she could have some more. "Sure, honey!" was my reply (she was shocked because I never would normally agree to that!). When H saw her hands sticky with cotton candy, he was LIVID. So funny. Normally that story would have gone down the other way.

Bedtime? What's a bedtime? The schedule nazi (me) has completely given it up. She's going to bed anywhere from 8:00 (needs to be in bed) to 11:00 because we were at the ballgame. NEVER would have happened a few months ago.

Went to the doctor unexpectedly this week because I was so uncomfortable with little Luke. I couldn't get rid of some tummy pain. I wasn't worried I was in labor, but I needed some relief. The doctor provided more mental relief than physical, but it worked. I've been feeling better this week. Going again on Thursday for a check-up. Can't believe I'm 34 weeks this week. The beginning is so slow for me and the end speeds by. The sermon was awesome in church this morning...I know because I was enjoying it and Luke was just a moving around during most of it.

Ending with a sweet story. At the ballgame Friday evening, M asked me if Luke could hear her talk to him. "Of course," I told her. She put her face against my belly and talked for a long time. Then she put her ear right where her mouth at been. When I asked what she was doing, she told me she wanted to hear what he had to say back! So funny!


Kyla said...

Relaxing the rules, eh? Yup...sounds like a mom to 2 to me! ;)

Arizaphale said...

Oh I see what you mean by the weirdo comments!...except maybe that is a real person who is appreciating your candour? On second thought....probably no.:-)
I empathise with you on being the tearful, emotional,scary lady around our house at the moment! In my case it is from LACK of hormones however!!! I am sending you happy thoughts and love and hugs as you get through this tough time and prepare to meet your little miracle.

Melody said...

So funny and so absolutely delightful ox