Saturday, January 30, 2010

More than a week

I absolutely can not believe it has been more than one week since I've posted.

Have I been super busy? Nope. Overwhelmed? Nope. Over committed? Nope.

I've just been caught up in living every single moment! Our week was delightful. Last weekend was delightful. Today was delightful.

I saw the sweetest kitten today. Kitten envy hit with a vengence. I MUST have a kitten. We have a large dog and we have had cats in the past. We swore we'd never have another cat.

But I'm smitten. I can't help it. I need a kitten. Since I can't have a baby, don't you think I should have a kitten? It's a very logical connection to me.

Can you help me convince H?


Rachel said...

You should totally get a kitten! I'm such a cat person though that I'm definitely not unbiased.

Arizaphale said...

Oh YES to the kitten! Who knows, like Himself, H may finally fall for it?

Kristen said...

EVERYONE needs a kitten. Wasn't I trying to convince you of this about 6 months ago??? :)

Andi said...

My mother swears by the idea of getting a pet to get your mind off of trying to make a baby...for her it was a bird.

I am ALL for the kitten!!! You know how we love kitties around our house. :)
Hope things are well. Kisses to M.

Anonymous said...

Totally get a kitten - then you won't need to convince him. Just show up with it and he will fall in love (that's how my family always ended up with one. Someone just showed up with it and the rest of us (or them!) would fall in love). Works EVERYTIME!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Also. There are proven studies that say having/petting a cat immediately relieves stress! By the way - these two anonymous comments are by EMix.

Kyla said...

Get the kitten! We were never going to have one because of Josh's allergies, but Peanut showed up in our driveway when she was about 4 weeks old and she's been ours ever since. I love having a cat in the house.

Maggie said...

I think that your argument is perfectly reasonable. Like everyone else said -- everyone needs a kitten.

First I swore I would never have pets. And then *I* got kitten envy...and my lovable (huge) lump of fur is fantastic!