Tuesday, March 18, 2008

88 years

Around 6:00 tonight I discovered that my 88 year old grandmother was taken to the hospital today.

I want to post something that will honor her. Something that will make others understand what a magnificent lady she is. Something that will truly illustrate her love for her grandchildren.

So I'm going to post my memories. They might not make any sense to you at all. But to me, they will connect a lifetime of snapshots to the woman I completely adore.

red carpet
fire place
rocking chair
soap carved by a grandson loved so much, gone too soon
swing set
watermelon seeds
creaky floors
hissing window units
whispered prayers
thumping footsteps
scratchy furniture
yellow cadillac
big white truck
farmer's markets
lots of stories
air planes
green lamp
zucchini bread
pumpkin bread
banana nut bread
powdered sugar
tennis balls against the garage
butter (unsalted, please)
craft fairs
bake sales
tiniest Christmas tree ever
old furniture
chicken and dumplings
homemade birthday cake
tamale casserole (that was granddaddy's, wasn't it?)
sandwhich bag with candies
sneaking candy into our purses to take to the movies
many rides across town
visits to taco bell
learning to drive a stick-shift (that makes me laugh!)
love stories
recycled clothes
support hose
did donny do that?
that's so sweet of donny.
you all do too much for me.
i bring my own food in case they don't have what i like there.
flying to vegas
getting stuck in denver
christmas stockings
saving tissue paper
lists of gifts
pictures together
the love of a grandmother and her granddaughter's daughter

Gigi and M

My hero and my daughter

The one I pray we both grow up to be like


Christina said...

that is beautiful...I feel like I know her from your words. Praying for her, and you

Golightly said...

That is absolutely beautiful. I wish Harrison could have met his great-grandmother and grandmother on my side.

Kyla said...

Keep us updated, Natalie. Hang in there.

Maggie said...

What a beautiful tribute. My fingers are crossed for you...hang in there...

Andi said...

I can not begin to tell you how that post moved and saddened me...Please know that YOU are your grandmother's strength...the woman that she obviously is today and has been for your whole life played such a SIGNIFICANT part in who you are becoming...I am reminded of your art project that you did for master's classes (the portrait of you with those lovely words) this past summer- the STRONG women that birthed YOU into this world...these memories that you hold are the fabric of the tapestry that you are helping M. weave into her life.
I pray all will be well. Keep me posted! Much love to you and your family.

Colleen said...

Tears in my eyes. What a wonderful memory list. I think we should all do these.

My prayers are with you and your Gigi.

Arizaphale said...

What a great post and a wonderful photo. Memories are so powerful....