Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No love, but an angel

I'm still the recipient of the anti-love attack at the Benson household.

However, I MUST brag on little M.

I'm the Relay for Life Team Captain for my school. ENORMOUS job. NEVER volunteer yourself for such a task. I'm enjoying it and I'm noticing a huge increase in team spirit on the staff, so it has been worth it.

I've been able to handle everything during working hours so M doesn't suffer any more absent mommy than absolutely necessary. Today I asked the administration if I could run to the bank to cash in our coins. She agreed, of course. So I ran to the bank. WRONG BRANCH. No way could I run across town and get the task accomplished in the remaining 25 minutes until I needed to be back at school. So, I left school a few minutes early, picked M up, ran ACROSS town to the correct branch. Everything was going great until I took my ticket to the counter to get the cash for the coins.

No can do.

WHAT??? I was told to go to that branch.

Must have school account number.

WHAT??? Relay for Life money is NOT supposed to IN ANY WAY cross over into anything related to school. Completely separate.

Someone wasn't forthcoming with me about this whole handling the money aspect of Relay for Life. It's a major pain in the @$$! (Sorry, but I'm so incredibly frustrated right this second!)

M was a perfect angel. The sweet bank lady gave her a sucker, which she proceeded to get all over herself--in her hair, in between her little fingers, all over her pants. But she sat on the floor at my feet watching all the people and whispering to herself. I only had to correct her once in the ENTIRE HOUR we were in the bank. (I finally left with a cashier's check...THANK YOU nice bank people--after they realized I wasn't leaving until I had some answers, they were very nice)

M was great when we went to pick up dinner from Super Suppers because I'm having company for dinner and needed something I could just throw in the oven.

She was great when I got her fast food for dinner.

She was great when I bathed her and cleaned up the house.

She was great about going to bed 20 minutes early.

All in all, despite the anti-love, she's a pretty darn great little girl. And I love her to pieces. She must love me just a tiny bit too because she grabbed my face when I tossed her into her bed and smooched me pretty good.


Andi said...

M is absolutely a GREAT angel,and I am lovin' her so much! I have never been around her when she wasn't as sweet as and H have done a wonderful job with her, Nat. She might be stingy with her love, but she holds YOU in her heart!
BTY, I am SO sorry that you've had trouble with ALL of the responsibilities that come with being team captain...remember my adivce: DELEGATE. (It's a NEW word that I am learning this year- LOL)
Love to you and M. Kisses-

Kyla said...

Oh man! What a day! I'm glad M was good for you. I don't think my kids would be quite so accommodating! LOL.

Christina said...

Isn't it the best feeling in the world when are sweet angels really are sweet angels, so cooperative and well-behaved?! Amzing. The only thing better than Mommy-pride is Mommy-love.
So after my post about hard love the other day...Nadia insisted all day long that she didn't love me. She loved everyone but me, and she did't want me to say I love her either. *sigh*