Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alive and, well....

I'm alive.

Well? Maybe.

This was the last week of a whole bunch of overcommitment.

Now I'm back to simplify.

We have nothing going on this week that will cause me stress.

However, this IS what my week looks like:
Monday: gymnastics pictures for M (HOW FUN IS THAT????)
Tuesday: meeting Curious George at the new bookstore and then bunco
Wednesday: pack to go out of town
Thursday: pack the car to go out of town
Friday: Go out of town

None of that looks too bad EXCEPT I must still work! Yikes! I'd get SO much more done if I didn't work. On the other hand, I'm not letting my job interfer with fun things for M.

April calms down considerably.
Except for the weekends. But our social commitments are much less. We have a few fun birthday parties and a conference at my church.

Confession time:
I've been TOO busy to do 365 Project! Now that SIMPLIFY is being refocused, I'm on it this week. And my challenge to myself is to take pictures that speak SPRING to me. I'll be out of town next Saturday, so I'll either post pictures Friday afternoon or Sunday when we return.

I wish you could hear when I hear right now. M's slumber music is very soft in the background and there is boisterous male laughter coming from downstairs. I try not to be home during boy's game night (played with a certain type of chips and a couple of decks of cards), but I'm too tired to leave tonight. I'm amused by their laughter.

I hope you have an evening of laughter.


Christina said...

I'm glad you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Simplicity is on its way! Your week looks full but FUN! N would be in heaven to meet Curious George.

Andi said...

My friend, you sincerely amaze me- ALL that you do, your awareness of the need to settle it down, to simplify, and still stay focused on your precious have always inspired me with this ability to get it all done! I admire you for your efforts, and pray that things get easier and easier...that your activities are purposeful and your time is spent doing ONLY the things you would like to do...
Thank you for this weekend- the time WE spent together...I so enjoy your company, and I am blessed to call you my friend. I thank you that you can fit time for me in there somewhere. I hope you all have a GREAT week, and especially that you enjoy your time away this coming weekend. Much love to you.

Maggie said...

Sounds like a fun week to me! Hopefully that whole having to work thing won't get in the way too much!

Is M excited about Easter?

Arizaphale said...

I do not know HOW you fit all this stuff in AND teach!!! Are you part time??? You are certainly doing a great job by the sounds of it.