Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break

Thankfully, M and I are on Spring Break this week.

We needed it after all her little health issues this month!

I just can't believe that it is already Wednesday evening. I'm not ready for the break to be half over! I have so much left to do.

What have we been up to?

A trip to visit the grandparents.

A nap every day.

Doctor's appointments.

Friends over to play.

Lots of knitting.

A little sewing. (MUST do more sewing!)

Some cooking.

Naps every day.

That about sums our week up so far!

We have a special visitor coming tomorrow. My dad is going to spend a few days with us while my mom goes to help Gigi.

I forget how exhausted I can be during Spring Break. As the school year comes to a roaring end, I realize how I'm on autopilot. I just do what I can to get through each day with the kids. Then I give whatever is left over to sweet M. Everything else must just wait until about the middle of summer when I've begun to restock my reserves.

I'm off to bed. I've got to put a little rest in the reserves!


Kyla said...

Last week was our break and we were SO busy. This week is threatening to kill me, too. Next week is already pretty full, too! ACK!

Enjoy the break. Summer is coming soon!

Maggie said...

Isn't it awesome that the novelty of spring break never really wears off? It might change a little, but it's still pretty great to have!

Christina said...

YAY for spring break! enjoy the rest of your week!!

Andi said...

Oh, my friend! Rest up because the rest of the year, to me, is the worst part!! Sounds like you and M are having such a nice time great. I have missed you; it was so good to see you on Friday! Enjoy the weekend...

melody is slurping life said...

I hope the visit from your dad was a joy.

Praying M is well and feeling feisty. :)