Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No love


Two nights of little to no sleep exhausts even the best of people, right? So it's okay for an average person to be exhausted, RIGHT?

M busted out with a fever yesterday. Straight to the pediatrician's office we went. Nothing terrible.

We've been together for two days. Normally I would say that with a large smile and I'd feel relatively good about myself as a mother. Wow, I can really parent a sick kid.

Not today. Today has been a day of sucker punches every time I turn around.

I was told at least a million times today that my precious angel does not love me.

"M, I love you. You're such a sweet girl."
"No, my daddy wuv me."

A few minutes later:
"Mommy, I wuv daddy. No you."

A few minutes later:
"My OB! My OB here? My OB wuv me. No you." (Just a side note: OB was not here. She's got this obsession with OB and Nona coming to visit her. I happened to mention that we'll see them in a few weeks.)

A few minutes later:
"Nona comin' tee me? I wuv Nona."
"Momma loves you, M."
"No wuv Mommy. Wuv Nona."

A few minutes later:
"I wuv George. No wuv you."

And so you might be wondering why I'm the recipient of so much anti-love? Am I responding to this in a way that makes it fun for her to say?

The teacher-mother in me doesn't respond at all. After every few proclamations of love for someone else, I'd remind her that I love her, but never in a confrontational way. Truthfully, it doesn't hurt my feelings because I know she's just TWO, but dang it...I'm taking care of the sick toddler. It sure would be NICE to hear "I wuv you, Momma."

But it does make me a little jealous of Christina. I think I'll have to find someone to love me pretty hard. Maybe H is up for the task. Here is the conversation I had with him today:
"Hey, babe. Since you've been home with the little one all day, I thought I'd grab some pizza and a bottle of wine on the way home."
"What? Did you just say pizza and wine? What about our new budget?"
"Yeah, I know. I just thought..."
"It's a great idea!"

So, we had pizza and wine. And I'm going to have more wine. Perhaps that will make me forget the 749 times I heard "No wuv you, Momma."


Colleen said...

Some days require pizza and wine... budget be damned.

Maggie said...

Oh no, what a way to make a day with a sick kiddo worse! You definitely deserved pizza and wine. Lots of wine.

Kelly said...

Hey Stalker! Ha! I found your blog on Suz's. So sorry that you aren't feeling the "wuv"...I hope that she is feeling better soon! Thank you so much for your prayers!

Christina said...

Ow!!! That hurts. I'm so sorry. She really does love you pretty hard, I have no doubt of that. Despite N's proclomations of hard love, there are other times when she denies loving me, too. I just don't blog about those times. ;o) Motherhood can be a tough and thankless job.
BUT, it sounds like H really knows how to give his girl what she needs! Yay for pizza and wine and good husbands. :o)

P.S. Of course it was fine for you to link to me!! Anytime.

Kyla said...

They are such button pushers! That's all it is. KayTar doesn't do it, because she can't grasp her words affecting anyone.

Pretty soon you'll be back on the love list. And in the mean time I think pizza and wine is a good consolation prize. ;)

Arizaphale said...

I am so far behind on my blog reading! Hope this has all passed now.