Thursday, March 20, 2008

Phrase Friday, etc.

I'm posting on Thursday. A shocker, I know. Everyone will survive!

A few updates.

Gigi is going home tomorrow--Friday. YEAH!

My major project is COMPLETE . Pictures and information next week.

Phrase Friday:

A little background first. M is very, very lucky to be raised around people who nurse their infants. M wasn't nursed, but not for lack of trying. Well, maybe a little lack of trying. Another story for another time. Keep in mind that M has seen many, many mothers nurse their babies. We've had many, many, MANY conversations about how mothers make special milk for their babies and babies drink from their mothers.

Tonight we ate at a new restaurant. It was DELICIOUS, but it took a while. Probably not somewhere we'll take M again for a while. More of a date night restaurant. George (as in the Curious variety) was dining with us. He's M's new best friend and NEVER leaves her arms. In fact, when I drop her off at school in the mornings, she helps me buckle him in her seat.

Oh, back to the dinner story. She asked me to help George get a sip of her "di-coke" (sprite). I happily obliged. George took a LONG drink of that refreshing di-coke. I actually spoke to H for about two sentences. Then I looked back at sweet M. George was climbing up the inside of her dress. No lie. I busted out laughing and whispered, "George doesn't need any milk right now."

M said, "Mommy, he TILL hungry!" (He's still hungry!)

Mothers know best.


Andi said...


Kyla said...

That's SO cute!

Christina said...

Wonderful news that Gigi is going home!

I LOVE the story! So sweet. George is a hungry little baby. :o) Nadia was breastfed and sees planty of babies nursing - but yet she bottle feeds her TedBear and babies.

Arizaphale said...

What a character!! She's obviously been around some healthy role models! :-D
Oh and great news about Gigi too.

Golightly said...

Harrison was breast fed and is around a lot of "crunchy" breast -feeding mamas, so it's no big deal to him, either. But occasionally he "want to grab your boobies, mommy."

Oh bother.