Friday, January 16, 2009

My two cents

Which aren't worth much, I know. What does two cents get you in this world any more?

A lot of advice you didn't need, that's for sure.

This post isn't really about advice. It's more just a place to reflect about that miracle pilot in NYC.

Holy cow! Isn't he, truly, a miracle? He saved lives yesterday. Hundreds of families' lives were forever changed yesterday in a way that I can never fathom, but it's not a tragedy.

I'm willing to bet that when he woke up yesterday morning, he never in his wildest daydreams knew what he would do that day.

"Brace for impact," were his calm words to the passengers of the flight. Had he shown any frantic-ness in his voice, chaos might have ensued in ways that would have caused tragedy. Perhaps chaos ensued anyway, but NO ONE DIED. Every single person who boarded that plane will be (perhaps already are) home with their families.


I was just reading an article about ole' Sully.

I'd sure be proud to be his mama. Or his wife. Or his daughter.

Maybe he's got some skeletons in his closet that are overshadowed by his bravery. So be it. The words that I read over and over were humble, hard-working, studious. He began flying at 14 years old. He was a fighter pilot. He's studied the psychology of cockpit crews in emergency situations.

"This is someone who has not just spent his life flying airplanes, but has actually dug very deeply into what makes these things work, and I think he proved it," said Robert Bea, a civil engineer who has known Sullenberger for a year."

His wife said, "This is the Sully I know. I always knew how he would react. So to me this is not something unusual. It's the man I know."

He did not act out of character. His behavior shows his true character. When we're in those moments, don't we all revert to who we are at the core of our beings?

In instances like this, I'm completely reminded that I serve an omnipotent God. One who orchestrates every minute of every single day. God has prepared this man for that job, for those few moments when he was in charge of the over 150 lives. God carefully orchestrated that THOSE people would be on THAT flight, finishing up business meetings, plans for visiting families. This wasn't a happenstance. It was a carefully tuned event with the powerful hand of God in the midst.

As is every moment.

It made me reflect on myself. When I'm in a crisis, how do I react? Does my true character reflect a person who loves the Lord? Who wants to serve others selflessly? Or does my evil, sinful, selfish nature shine glaringly for all to see? What would the passengers have said about ME had I been the pilot? What do my students say about me at the end of the day? What memories do they take with them? What will M remember about me as her mother?

How do I react in the moments that are not crisis, just the regular moments of each day? How do I react in moments of despair? Those moments when the words, "no heartbeat" take my breath away?
How do I react when M runs away from me in Our Favorite Place? Or cries because she wants H instead of me?
How do I react in moments of complete joy?

I can tell you right now that I do not react in a way that is glorifying to the Lord. I would not be described as humble, selfless, loves the Lord.

I have a lot to learn from that humble pilot.


ZachB said...

That pilot is a Hero in my eyes. He used his skill in the profession that he has worked in for over 40 years to help save his and 154 other people's lives. Had he not stayed calm and under control that could have turned out deadly for everyone. I think that he was put there by GOD for that reason. A true hero to everyone. We should all take something from him.


Christina said...

I rarely keep up with the news and am so out of the loop that I didn't even now about this. But wow, your post touched and inspires me!

Kimberly said...

I agree with you that the pilot is a hero. And look how much further his actions reached. They reached out to you and made you examine yourself as a Christian, and by reading your post you've given me something to think about as well. God does everything for a reason doesn't he?

Arizaphale said...

A wonderful post. Thank you Natalie.