Sunday, February 3, 2008

365 Project

January 30th: M's newest chore--feeding Mocha

January 31st: Dinner thawing

January 31st: Hot water heater explodes, life takes on some unexpected busy-ness. No pictures until Saturday, but am saving those for next week. I'm not beating myself up over not having pictures from Friday. It just didn't happen. I also didn't take a picture today, but THAT IS OKAY.

I'll draw a name for the cards tomorrow and e-mail the winner!!
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Golightly said...

Harrison feeds Duke too. But sometimes daddy gets to impatient and takes over the duty. *sigh*

Maggie said...

Great shots from this week!

I really love the one of M doing her 'chore' - too cute!

Christina said...

I'm glad you're not being too hard on yourself about it. I didn't do it at ALL last week, what with the computer problems and other chaos. Oh well, there's always this week!

I love the one of M feeding the dog - just darlin! I'm thinking we should start Nadia on a couple simple chores.