Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Parent Police

Dear Police,

No need to coerce. I'll make my confession now. Whining and stomping feet are not necessary.

Yes, I was the parent tonight who YEARNED for bedtime to come just a few minutes quicker. Yes, I wanted someone to come save my daughter from her mother. Yes, yes, yes, if the TV had been plugged in, I would have plunked her down in front of it for hours.

But, Officer, I have good reason for ALL of these offenses. I am so tired today. M has so graciously shared her cold with me...wasn't that kind of her? My little shadow and I share everything: juice, dinner, baths, pillows, pacis, an occassional toothbrush and now colds. My head has been pounding and I can only breathe out of one nostril. I disciplined other people's children all day. I just wanted to come home to a quiet, peaceful house.

What did I get instead? A whiny, needy, fussy, grouchy two-year old who wanted my undivided attention and wanted to help with EVERY.SINGLE.TASK.
Get the mail: Stomping in the puddle.
Turn on the computer: On my lap "typing."
Make a pot of tea: "No, dis one, Mommy. Now wadda (now water). Hot, Mommy, no touch."
Get the noodles off the top shelf: On the step ladder with me.

Officer, I know all those things sound cute and helpful and most days I can handle it. But not today. I just couldn't handle the whiny voice. The crying every time the dog took one step too close. "Hol-ju-me" every time I took a step.

Don't lock me up forever, please. Just give me a good 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep and some cold medicine. I really don't need a lot. I'll be a good mother again tomorrow...or maybe Friday.



Andi said...

Your sentence? LIFE without parole (sp?). Most people think it gets easier as they get doesn't. (sorry, friend!) Ten (sixteen, etc) is just TWO in a bigger body...I can totally sympathize though. All of a sudden before you know it, you find yourself longing for these days. You are just too close to them to realize that now. I am smiling, but not laughing at you! I hope and pray that SLEEP was granted to all in the Benson house this evening, and that tomorrow greets you all with a joyous new light! Hope you feel better. Friday IS coming soon!

Kyla said...

Feel better soon. And plug in that TV stat. It is a sick mommy's best friend. I've been known to say "Just come cuddle with Mommy on the couch...let's watch CARTOONS!" a little too often when sick. But you do what you've gotta do. LOL.

Christina said...

Hugs, hope you're both feeling better today! I can relate...I can really relate. While we're not sick here, Nadia has not been sleeping well at all and we're both a little short with each other due to missed sleep. sigh.

melody is slurping life said...

I have often longed to be locked up, alone, for a bit. I hope that cold has left by now. Hugs and prayers.

Arizaphale said...

No, you see I want a WEEK off. Does that make me a super-bad Mum?