Thursday, February 28, 2008 over, please

I should have known when my eyes opened at 7:08 this morning that I just needed to stay in bed. If I'd stayed in bed, my family would have had a better day. Can someone please hit rewind so we can try again?

What went wrong?
I woke up late.
M was rushed this morning.
H was late for work.
I was late for school.

Whew...thought I had the rough part finished. HA. Hardly.

At roughly 12:24, H called my cell phone and left a voice mail that sounded something like this: "Honey, don't get upset when you get home. I'm not able to get much done during lunch today. I've been in a wreck."


As soon as I got the message, I called right back to check on him. Did he need me to leave school? Was he okay? No and yes. The car is drivable, but definitely in need of some work. Luckily (I think), H was hit by an employee of our local water company, so all expenses related to the accident will surely be paid. The silver lining in this very dark cloud is that at least we know the guilty party has insurance. (One funny aside: the driver of the truck said to H, "Dang it, I"m going to have to go back and get a drug test." I'm not sure if that means he's worried about it or if he'll be on leave-without-pay until the results come back!)

I e-mailed several of my friends that I knew would pray for H. I found it interesting that only about 30 minutes later, I have another voicemail from my dear friend, Andi. I thought, "How sweet of her...she got my e-mail and is calling to check on H." Oh, is not that simple. Andi has been struggling with a health issue for several months now. Today it became pretty critical and she had to leave her school to see her doctor. Instead of waiting to do surgery next week, he did it today. Please drop by and send a little prayer for her. She's going to need it in the next few days as she recooperates.

Score for the day: slept late, wreck, friend in surgery.

It still gets worse.

I had a 4:00 appt to consign some of M's old clothes. I left school at 3:40, EARLY mind you, so I could be there on time. My car won't start. YEP, you read that right. My stinkin' car WOULD.NOT.START. Who did I call? H. I begged him to come pick me up so I could make it to my appt on time. Did he? Oh, yes...yes, he did. That man is my hero some days. He was there in 20 minutes.

Oh, gets worse. I took my clothes to the consignment. All went well there.
During the two minutes that took, H decides (he followed me because my gas light was on and he didn't want me stranded if the car didn't start again) that he's hurting pretty bad and needs to see a doctor. I grab M from her school, dash her to my sweet friend Susie's house, and meet H at the doctor.

He was at the doctor's office at 4:20ish. He just walked in the door and it's 8:00. Almost 4 hours at the doctor's office. I'm off to find out what the doctor said.

Can someone please promise that tomorrow will be a better day?


Maggie said...

Oh mercy, your Thursday was not good at ALL! Hopefully it ends on a better note and Friday starts out MUCH better!

Kyla said...

Oh my!

Update us on H, please, because it is Friday now and with the way your Thursday was going anything was fair game.

Arizaphale said...

Oh dear. A really awful day. Waiting to hear the news of H's Dr's visit with bated breath.

Christina said...

Aw honey! I'm so sorry about your rotten day. Everything that could go wrong, did. I see you've posted an update now, so I'm off to read it - and crossing my fingers that today was MUCH better.