Friday, February 1, 2008

Phrase Friday

My new notebook is working out well! I've got THREE phrases for you today.

Last Sunday morning, M woke up early that morning, so I brought her to my bed to snuggle for a few minutes while I tried to shake the cobwebs from my brain. H slept in the den and came to bed for a few extra minutes of snooze time before I made him get up, too--he came up after M was in our bed.
When I was bathing her, H asked "What time did M wake up and come into our bed?"
"Just a few minutes before you came up," I replied. "She needed some cuddle time."
M piped right in and said, "No, CUBBERS time, Mommy. No cubbers time."

I think it's so funny that she now takes part in OUR conversations. She's learning social cues and is able to follow the banter of conversation. What a huge milestone.

When we drive home, the afternoon sun is extremely bright and often in M's face the entire way home. She turns her head one way and then the other trying to find a shadowy spot. She gets so aggrevated. "Moon, GO AWAY ME!" (Okay, so we're working the sun vs. moon thing)

Now the not so funny phrase...the one that's gotten M in LOTS of trouble this week. Wednesday morning we were on the way to school and I was talking to her. She said, "Stop talking me, Mommy." Oh, two year old told me to stop talking to her. And not once. TWICE on the way to school. I told her if she said that again, there would be a punishment. On the way home Wednesday, she said it again. Needless to say, there was a consequence Wednesday afternoon. Repeat scene Thursday evening on the way home from an event at my school.

Just a few other things: Our hot water heater exploded yesterday. Yes sir, it was a fun day around here.

I won't post 365 Project tomorrow because we'll be out of town. Also, because of the hot water heater problem, I cheated on my challenge a little. I'll post my pictures Sunday.

And don't forget this post...contest will go until Sunday evening!


Kyla said...

Oh no, the hot water heater!

That is awesome M is learning the conversation flow.

Maybe you can convince her to say, "Can we be quiet, Mommy?" since that's a nicer way. LOL. I'm guilty of saying that to chatterbox BubTar, "Can we just be quiet, BubTar, just for a few minutes?!" LOL.

Andi said...

Um. I think I like the last phrase best. Sorry that I find the frustration too funny! Being someone who also talks too much (according to the 18 year old!), I can completely understand what that was like...coming from you toddler! LOL Hilarious! I posted an old photo today. I saw it on someone's blog last week. (I have forgotten exactly where.) This challenge will be more fun for me, since I will most likely not have any adorable phrases like yours to share!
Have fun on your trip! Enjoy the family...see you next week.

Golightly said...

Hmm, funny some of our phrases from the last couple weeks are not too dissimilar from M. I'll ge them up later. I have to drive back to work and get Harrison's backpack. Oops.

I'll let you know when I do my "fours". I'll post that on my "ME" site.

Maggie said...

Perhaps she has been taking lessons from Garrett....he has certainly been known to say "Excuse me Maggie, but stop talking now" on an unfortunately regular basis!

Christina said...

It's amazing to me how our girls parallel each other in their learning! Both #1 and #3 are familair around here. Nadia too has really began to include herself in our conversations - and her contributions really make sense! So exciting. But...we also have the "stop talking" problem. N's version is to say "No, NO, Mama, MY turn talk. You quiet" Just lovely.

Arizaphale said...

Our hot water heater played up this week too! V expensive :-(

Baby Angel used to tell me 'I don't want to talk right now Mummy'...usually when I asked what she'd done at school. Small Boy frequently screams at me not to talk to him when I'm telling him things he doesn't want to makes me burn but I try to be very calm in my response....and the BA nowadays says
'Don't worry about it Mum' if I ask for clarification or haven't quite heard something or if she thinks I won't like an answer. That frustrates me too and I say 'but I AM worried about it!!!'

Phew, I am finally caught up on your blog!!! :-) Hope you have a great trip away.

melody is slurping life said...

Oh no, M is getting sassy. :) Now that the boys are older, I get looks that say the same thing.

Sounds like she is growing and developing quite normally...realizing she is an individual with opinions, likes and dislikes.