Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How tired are you?

We're pretty tired at our house.

M sobs into her cereal bowl this morning for a full five minutes before I risk asking her what her problem is. Her response? (Wailing) "Mommy. I till tired. I need go back my cib." (Mommy. I'm still tired. I need to go back to my crib.)

Me? I'm working on one project at a time, checking it off, then hitting the ground running to finish the next project before the deadline passes. What happened to SIMPLIFY???? The concept alludes me right now. I wrote everything on the calendar tonight and it took my breath away.

I'm going to get a tattoo on my forward this weekend. The word NO.

But I haven't exactly overcommitted. It's just the business of life that has all collided on my March calendar. Luckily spring break is at the end of March. 9 glorious days with M that I will NOT overbook. We'll stay in our pajamas all day and read books and watch as much Curious George as I can stand (okay, okay...maybe 1/2 as much as I can stand). Maybe we'll even take a picnic one day.

What's going on in your life? Are you feeling some spring fever?


Blessed Nest said...

we were outside all day, we had a week of rain in CA and in the high 70's today...we gardened. YES I'm tired but good!

Arizaphale said...

I feeeeeeeeel for you. Don't let go of simplify!!!! I am in awe of you managing full time teaching and a two year old. I only worked part time till she was 7. No wonder you are tired. I'm sure I don't need to say but...don't rush the cards if you are too busy....we all know what it's like.

Kyla said...

In the past week, KayTar has seen 3 doctors and we see a 4th tomorrow. I studied for and took (and made a 100 on) my A&P lecture exam. We've celebrated a birthday, done a million loads of wash, studied for my other courses, took a quiz, applied for night shift jobs, and somehow found a bit of time for sleeping. Oh, and had coffee. Can't forget the coffee.

amanda said...

This week's projects and errands were too many to remember. If you find a good tattoo artist, send him my way!

We rewarded ourselves with a good trip out shopping, with much chocolate and money throwing at our favorite fountain.

Christina said...

It's so hard when all those commitments come at the same time. Just a few weeks until your glorious vacation! Life might be crazy right now, but just imagine how much worse it would be without your commitment to SIMPLIFY!! I am exhasuted, but it's my own fault for staying up late every night studying photography.

Golightly said...

Tired? Hah! Understatement.

We went to a birthday party last week and Harrison hit the ground running, when all other kids had wound down, he was still going! The mom of the little boy asked. "Is he like that all the time?"


I'm tired.