Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Give-in Mommy

There once was a mommy. A very good mommy. A mommy with a delightful little two year old who still sucked a pacifier.

One evening, a little over a month ago, that good mommy cut about half of the paci off. Each evening, the delightful two year old would say, shaking her head, "It till bwoke, Mommy." Then she'd pluck that "bwoken" paci in her mouth and drift off to the land of nod.

On the morning of Tuesday, February 12, that sweet angel woke up just a few minutes before her mommy's alarm went off, so the mommy and the girl gathered up all the snugglies, paci, and baby and went for some cuddle time in Mommy and Daddy's BIG bed. Oh, there were some sweet cuddles that morning.

That evening, at bed time, the mommy could find the snuggles and the baby, but NO PACI. The paci was NOWHERE.TO.BE.FOUND.

Did the Mommy take the high road and tell the sweet girl that the paci was missing? Oh, no, she most certainly did not. She has a gazillion papers to grade, so she gave her sweet darling an old paci that was NOT BWOKEN. Yes, yes, yes...that mommy folded.

Would you like to know what that delightful little girl said?

"Oh, MOMMY! Mommy fix my paci! It no bwoke!" And she laughed. "It tate good!" (It tastes good!) "Daddy, Daddy! Mommy fix my paci!" Laughter.

And that friends, about sums up my character. In the face of something difficult, take the easy way out.

Now I must tackle that monsterous pile of papers I need to grade. At least M is sleeping peacefully in her room.


nona said...

Simple pleasures!! That is your goal for the year and isn't it sweet to know how simple it can be? I knew that wonderful Mommy could fix the bwoken paci!!

Kyla said...

The paci will go someday, don't worry about that. I bet it was nice to be the mommy who could fix it!

melody is slurping life said...

Bawahahahaha...you sucker. :) Sorry, could not resist. Know that I've been know the take the easy way out...just a time or two. ;)

BTW, thanks for you prayers and sweet words lately. I think I am now repaired.

Cari said...

awww. her reaction is so sweet.

some days self preservation is necessary - even if it means taking an easy route. heaven knows the easy route is well travelled in my house for a reason. :)

Gardener Greg said...

Oh the shame of it all being a parent. Sometimes you just can't win for losing. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Andi said...

You tell the cutest stories! It really will be ok...let this be a challenge that you both face some other day! Relish in the fact that she is still only TWO. Besides, she will always know with confidence that her mommy can fix ANYTHING!LOL

Susie and Joe said...

love the story! your a superhero mommy!

Arizaphale said...

Natalie Natalie Natalie

This just wasn't the right time for the battle was it? :-)

Far be it from me to condemn you. I have papers to grade too!!!!!!!!!
(only we call it 'marking'...funny little cultural difference eh?)

Thanks for your comments on my Flaming Sword post. I love to hear your teacher's pov!

Christina said...

Been there done that! Yep, I too have taken the easy way out. We all do...it makes us human. ;o) And look how HAPPY that simple thing made her! She won't have the paci forever...it's a battle for another day.