Saturday, April 5, 2008

Near the end

After our most difficult Friday afternoon, M decided she wanted silly faces all over her body. At that point, I would have bought her a ride to the moon if that would dry her tears and make her smile.

So, we drew silly faces her tummy,

on each hand,

and on each foot.

This morning, she found our tiny bathroom and unrolled herself quite a bit of toilet paper. She spent about 20 minutes washing her hands while H and I packed up her balloons, stuffed animals, crayons, puzzles: all love offerings from our dear, sweet friends and family.

We are so blessed with such an awesome church family, co-workers, and H's brother and sister-in-law. M had many visitors to help keep us company. Our every need was provided.
Thanks Joe for bringing lunch to me! Thanks Tracey for buying! I owe you both!
Despite such a difficult time, M and I had some very sweet time together. I was able to spend a lot of time in prayer. I was able to knit and read while M took her afternoon naps. I realized that M will be fine sharing her room in November when her little brother or sister arrives (Yes, we found out last week that we are pregnant!). She slept away even when people came into the room during her naps. She was such a trooper. H and I have been blessed with such a wonderful little girl.
I hope transitioning back to real life is easy for all of us. I let M watch a lot of TV and keep her snugglies all the time at the hospital. Those might be hard habits to break.
But we're home. And home has never felt so good!
edited to add: Kyla asked if M is okay now. Yes, we think so. We stayed an extra 24 hours in the hospital so she could have extra doses of the antibiotic. We do a dye test in a few weeks on her urinary tract to make sure all valves are working and that the urine is only going in the correct direction (no reflux). She will take antibiotics at home for 10 days--a different antibiotic than the one she had two weeks ago.
I'll continue to edit to answer questions!
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Andi said...

Praise the Lord!! I am SO happy that you guys are back at home!!!! I can not tell you how joyful it was the hear your voice on the other end of your house phone today when I called! I certainly know how good it feels to come home after a hospital stay...Oh, enjoy your own beds! I hope transitioning back to the routine is not so hard. Here are kisses for M...continued prayers and best wishes for continuous health!

Rachel said...

Oh my...poor baby and poor pregnant mama! I know how hard that is (I was 13 weeks preggo with EK when Samuel had his heart surgery) to be in the hospital and see your baby suffering all while you were probably not feeling so great yourself. I'm so happy y'all are home and hope M feels better really soon! I'm still over the moon for you!!!!

Christina said...

Poor sweet M! She has been through a lot, but it sounds like she has done so well. I love the happy faces!

I am rejoicing with you for the news of a baby!!! What wonderous news! These rainy days for you make that rainbow even more glorious.

Maggie said...

Nice job trying to sneak in that super exciting news with just a bit of parenthesis! CONGRATULATIONS!

And I'm so glad that you guys are back at home...what an unfun way to spend a few days. Hopefully everything will be all sorted out and it won't be something you ever have to repeat!

Colleen said...

Good news all around!!!!!!

I'm so happy that M is home and things went well. I can't imagine how difficult it was to spend the time in the hospital (even though it sounds like M made it as easy as possible.)

I'm even happier to hear you're pregnant! Yippee! I can't even express how happy I am.