Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

It's 11:43 a.m. . M is down for a nap. H is across town. We're not at church. We've had quite a night.

Our mayor has declared us a state of emergency and is waiting to hear from the make it official. We were ravaged (only a slight exaggeration) with storms this morning from 5:00 am until 8:00 am. M is terrified of thunder and lightening now, so thankfully she woke us up at 5:20. Our house was rattling with the thunder and the lightening felt like it was in our backyard. The tornado alarms went off at 5:35--we spent an hour in the bathroom downstairs with pillows and blankets and a wound-up two year old. M was having a grand time jumping on H's back as he tried to sleep. Poor guy had some Starbucks coffee while we were out last night and didn't go to sleep until almost 3:00 this morning!

There were tornadoes all over town. Serious damage was done to the old West Gate shopping area (where Wal-Mart and Home Depot used to be). Parts of the buildings are gone, brick structures are left in piles, signs are mangled. H's office is just a few miles from there, so he's gone to check it out now.

Our house is fine, but you can tell where there is mysterious damage that maybe small tornadoes or strange winds did damage to several neighborhoods around us. The police and sherriff's deparments are asking everyone to stay home. Most churches in the community canceled services this morning to help keep people at home. Our water is out, as is one of the local hospital's and most of the homes in a fairly large area. Not sure why we are effected, but hope that will be resolved soon. We have no cell phone coverage because so many of the cell towers were damaged. We got in touch with most of our friends from church, but can't reach H's brother. Their house is fine. We hope they are with my sister in law's dad or hunkered down at home without power. Surely nothing is wrong--we hope.

If the cold front doesn't make it before late afternoon, we're to anticipate similar storms late this afternoon. Something about the warm area stabilizing the atmosphere and then cooling off or something. I'm not quite sure I understand that. If the cold front makes it here, we should be fine.

This is much more interesting than the snow storm in 2002. Or the ice storm in 2004. The news is on constant coverage of the damage. There are places that emergency crews can't reach because so many trees are down. Power lines are down all over town. In the middle GA area, some 32,000 customers are without power.

Maybe school will be cancelled tomorrow!

Happy Mother's Day!

Oh, I got the coolest gift: a digital frame! H has wanted one for quite some time, but we never splurged. I can't say that I didn't want one, but I wasn't yearning for one. However, now that I have it, I'm THRILLED. I can't wait to load some of my favorite pictures and plug it in.

Oh. One more piece of cool, eat-your-heart-out information. I got a new camera yesterday. I got the Canon Rebel XSI. YES! And a new lense to play with. More about that later.


Arizaphale said...

Thank goodness you guys are OK! How excitement!!!! Let's hope no one was hurt in the district.
Happy Mother's Day!!!!
Looking forward to seeing some results from that camera!

Maggie said...

I'm glad you guys are ok, even if a bit exhausted!

And what great new toys you have -- I can't wait to see what kind of pictures you take with your new toy!

Golightly said...

Because I know you are okay, I'll skip right to the point.

YOU'RE KILLING ME HERE!! YOU'RE KILLING ME! I can't believe you got a Rebel XTi - I am so impatiently waiting until my birthday (if then) in AUGUST for one. Hubby even asked me what I want most since there are a few things that I want. (the other being a computer) The fact is, I need a new computer and I want a new camera. Am I coveting that camera of yours? Yes, I better go repent now!

That is the brand I plan to get!

PS I've been tagged??

Christina said...

My goodness, what a mother's day! I'm so glad you guys are safe. Last spring, we had storms like that nearly every other day for a was insane.
I can't believe you just tacked that on about the camera, like it's no big deal! WOW, So excited for you!!

Kyla said...

New camera! SQUEE!