Thursday, May 1, 2008

News from the doctor


My heart was racing. When we were sitting in the lobby, H looked over (my hand was GRIPPING his) and said, "Honey, you ARE nervous." My blood was pumping so fast through my veins that he could see my heartbeat in my neck.

Waiting in the exam room for a doctor with whom I am not very familiar, but said my favorite word: plan.

He knocks on the door, pops his head in the door and said, "I'm waiting on the path report to be faxed over. I'll be here in just a few minutes."

PATH REPORT? What in the world??? I know what THAT means!

Two minutes. Three minutes. Eight minutes. Ten.

Finally he comes back.

No path report yet, but let's discuss our plan.

I whip out my list of questions before he can even begin to discuss a plan for the future. I want to know why and how and what.

He laughed at me and answered my questions as much as he could.

My eggs are NOT bad.
No, the risk of another miscarriage is extremely slim. Possible, definitely, but slim. He's got a patient now who has a child, had three miscarriages, and is in the final term of a second very healthy pregnancy. He said, "It WILL happen for you."
He asked if we want to be pregnant. "YES!" we cheered. He asked us to wait two months to try again. My uterus was very swollen (another symptom of the type of miscarriage I had), so he wants me to wait two cycles for it to return to normal before making an effort to get pregnant again. His idea for birth control caused us to laugh out loud. All I'll say is POOR H.
I need to start taking a multi-vitamin.
The day we get a positive test, I need to see the doctor to start taking some hormonal medicine.

After all this, still no word about the path report.

We left the doctor without knowing any results. I did ask why in the world my tissue had been sent for path testing. The doctor said in very rare instances, this type of miscarriage indicates cancer. I showed absolutely no signs that that might be the case, but they wanted to make sure.

After a great lunch with H and a visit to a local chocolate shop, the phone rings with the results. Everything is fine.

I've sighed many sighs of relief today.

Everything will be alright.
(And my toenails sure do look pretty!)


Kyla said...

That's good news, except maybe for H. LOL.

Arizaphale said...

He sounds like a GREAT doctor :-)

The two months will fly by. Keep busy (as if you can help it you teacher you !!!!)

Thinking of you as ever.

Colleen said...

Well... it might seem in some ways like 2 months is a long time to have to wait. But, at least it's the end of the school year. You've probably got tons of stuff to do!

So glad to hear that everything sounds like good news.

Christina said...

My dear, I am SO happy for you! Two months will be over before you know it, and you can get on with the plan!

Golightly said...

Two words (or one, seeing how you look at it)