Friday, May 16, 2008

Phrase Friday

My blogging has been sort of hit or miss lately.

Here are a few funny comments heard around the Benson household lately.

1.) Bandaid on my balls.

2.) "What are doing?"
Asked any time M wants to know what is going on.

3.) Yesterday (Thursday) we drove to a town about 30 minutes away to a fun book sale. M picked out a few new books and because she knew she had new books, wanted to read them on the way home. As I was speeding down the interstate, I picked through the bag and found three of her books. I gave them to her one at a time to browse through. When she went through all three of them, I started the cycle again. After round two, I thought I might be pushing my luck, but tried to give her one of the books for a third time. Her response? "Mommy, I daw-dedy (already) read this one!"

4.) Do a-gee-in (three syllables). Yep, I'm raising a true Southern girl. When she wants to do something again, she says, "Mommy, do it a-gee-in" in all the three syllable glory you can imagine. Bless her heart.

What fun phrases bring you joy this May?


melody is slurping life said...

I love, love her "a-gee-in". :)

Totally living the extended phrase words with southern boys. They all have one syllable names...but they are always pronounced with at least two syllables. Gotta love us southerners.

Kyla said...

Wait, it isn't really pronounced "a-gee-in"? LOL.

Christina said...

I love hearing her Maryt-isms. A-gee-in gets me too, she'll be quite the southern lady with a drawl like that! Oh and "what you doing?" is heard a lot around here, too.

Arizaphale said...

OK I know we're not in the toddler ballpark when it comes to Phrases but the BA made me laugh (and was quite clever I thought)...with this.
I had just followed in my friend G footsteps with a stupid comment about 'you tunes' instead of itunes

BA: Yea right mum, play some
'youtunes' on your 'mypod'.......