Friday, May 30, 2008


Just to make your mouth water, here is the menu from last night.

Green pepper jelly w/ cream cheese, served with crackers
Grilled specialty sausage served with a variety of condiments

Main course:
Grilled steaks w/ au poive
Grilled vegetables (squash, zucchini, onion)
Steamed asparagus
Rolls w/ homemade herb butter
baked potatoes

White chocolate mousse w/ raspberry and chocolate sauces

I didn't do very well with the appetizers...I couldn't seem to keep my sneaky fingers away from the plates. However, I did great with dinner. I'd already used my starches for the day (plus the few crackers), so I didn't have rolls or a potato. Instead, I filled up with the salad and vegetables. Then I ate my steak. I only had the tiniest helping of dessert.

And for my (moderately) good behavior, I was rewarded with a 3.4 lb weight loss this week, for a total of 14 lbs! YEAH!!!!!

Have I mentioned that H bought us a Wii Fit last week? I can't begin to tell you how much fun we've had with it. We do it together most of the time and laugh like crazy. It's probably the most fun we have (vertically) together. We like to challenge each other in certain tasks. Most of the time he beats my behind, but there are a few tasks on which I tear him up. If you have Wii, I HIGHLY encourage you to get the Wii Fit. Trust'll love it!


Maggie said...

I think that the Wii Fit sounds like so much fun...but since I don't have a Wii, I think that would have to be the first purchase!

And that menu sounds amazing - I would not have been able to practice any self restraint!

Allyson said...

How delicious - you really outdid yourself! I remember your wonderful herb butters...yum.

And way to go on the 14 lbs lost - that is awesome! What program are you doing? I'm so glad you are having fun with the Wii Fit. Your enthusiasm is contagious - I want to try it out now. :)

Christina said...

Oh Natalie, your dinner sounds AMAZING! I can't believe you say you're not a cook - it sounds like 5 star cuisine to me. And WTG on the weightloss! I'm glad to hear your review of WiiFit, as I've been eyeing it but balking at the pricetag. Good to know it's worth it.

~Billie~ said...

YUM!! I am so hungry (waiting for hubby to bring home dinner) and your post is not helping. =) Sounds delicious!
Way to go on the weight loss! I've been eyeing that Wii Fit... may just have to go pick it up.

Colleen said...

The menu looks delicious!

I cannot begin to tell you how jealous I am that you have Wii and WiiFit.

Andi said...

I know just what WONDERFUL cooks you and H actually are; the menu sounded absolutely phenomenal, so I KNOW it was! I am so happy that your evening was lovely...a night like that is just what you needed to launch into the summer! I am so proud of you for the restraint and the weight loss. I can not seem to get that started right now...maybe soon. Al has looked and looked for the Wii Fit; we will have it soon, and I am hoping for togetherness and laughter as in your home.
Thanks again for loving my child, and being so nice to her.

Golightly said...

You had me at "Green pepper jelly w/ cream cheese, served with crackers"

Congrats on the weight loss. I'm down about 10 pounds. The last 4 to go are being stubborn. Time to get on my bike.

Arizaphale said...

I am so impressed with your dieting. I so need to get my diet, well let's face it, my lifestyle sorted out. I only need to lose about 5 kilos but it is so hard to get started.
Dinner sounded wonderful. We haven't had a dinner party for so long...