Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mommy guilt

After my post about my bi-polar toddler, I feel proud and extremely guilty to report that we've had the most WONDERFUL weekend ever.

As stressful as this time is with M, the joys are so many more.

Her language is EXPLODING daily. She's using words I didn't know she knew and using them in context.

To the dog, "Mocha, you my peshus puppy." (You're my precious puppy.)
About the dirt on the stairs, "Mamma, that's di-cust-ing." (disgusting)

The examples are too numerous to type.


She's beginning to pretend play. When you ask her more about the scenerio, she's thoughtful and insightful with her response.

Tonight in the tub she was filling up an empty tub-finger-paint container and pouring it into the bubble dispenser on the top of the duck that protects the spout. She kept saying, "Poor duck. You so sick." I asked her if her duck was okay and she told me that her duck had a lot of germs. She was giving it yummy medicine. I told her she was an excellent helper. She looked at me quizzically, thought for a moment and said, "I not a helper. I a doctor." I said, "Are you Doctor M?" "Yes," she replied. A few seconds later she said, "No, not doc-tor M. Dr. Swade." (her pediatrician)

H and I grilled out for dinner tonight. We constantly laughed at the things M said. She told him he was big and strong. She said I was beautiful. She whispered to the grass something about growing a lot and eating bege-tavles (vegetables).


Oh, and her sense of style is completely her own.

The other morning, she was dressed in a very pretty yellow flowery sundress. She had on ruffle socks, pink play shoes, and her fisher-man hat (to keep the sun out of her eyes: "Sun GO WAY me!"). On the way to school, she pulls her socks all the way to her knees and laughs hysterically. "Mama! My shocks is very wong!" (My socks is very long!) That is now her favorite way to wear her socks. I think I might have a fashion designer on my hands!


So, there are moments when we both want to pull our hair out, strand by strand. Maybe we even want to pull out each other's hair strand by strand. But that sweet giggle. Those sweet phrases erase every single moment of tears, stress, discord. I'll take all those rough moments for a fraction of the sweet moments I get.


Christina said...

It really is SO very worth it, isn't it?! I love your last paragraph. M sounds like so much fun. My N is diong many of the same things these days, and I just love it - especially all the funny phrases!

Kyla said...

It is a good age, in spite of the bi-polarness. It HAS to be a good age for everyone to get out of it alive. LOL!

Arizaphale said...

Love the language explosion. By the way, I've tagged you for a meme.