Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friday morning photo shoots

Last Friday and Saturday, I did a series of mini photo shoots. My goal was to capture as many images as possible in 15 minutes. Most shoots went over 15 minute, but not by much. I got some great images. These are from Friday morning. I'll post Saturday morning and evening later today.

I've already posted the 8:15 appt.

8:45 Friday morning: Two sisters

9:15 Friday morning: A brother and two sisters
They should look familiar to you. I've taken LOTS of pictures of this family and they are one of my favorite families ever! This mama had a goal, but we didn't get what she wanted, so I'm going to reshoot them very soon. Not to mention, trying to take pictures of two toddlers and an infant at the same time is NOT easy!

9:30 Friday mornng: A sister and two brothers.
This is my Huckleberry Finn family...the one with the guest appearance. I have a wonderful picture of the sister, but I want to be very cautious of posting it because she's a "tween." Just trying to be super cautious.

As soon as I finish editing Saturday pictures, I'll get those up. C'mon by later!


Christina said...

Very nice, Natalie! How fun to get to do all these awesome sessions!

Arizaphale said...

You sure have been busy!!!!! This has got to be less stressful than teaching? Right?