Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aubs!

Yesterday was my dear friend, Aubs, birthday. She is one of the most amazing 20 year olds I've ever met. She is wise, compassionate, honest.

I wanted to make the day special for her (and her mother, who is one of my dearest friends ever) and to keep it a surprise. So, while she was having breakfast with her family and enjoying time with her adorable six year old cousin, I was setting up shop.

This was my view from my kitchen. Computer up and running, picture and directions for the cake I was going to attempt.

Cake was baked and iced. I did mention I was ATTEMPTING a cake, right? I'm not the best icer in the world. The cake: iced.
Now the fun times began. There was wrapping to be done, dots to be added. Not too bad, if you don't mind a not-so-great icing job or a bow smudged with icing!
After M woke up from her nap, we scurried downtown to drop off balloons, a tiara, and the cake. The waiter and waitress at the restaurant were awesome. They hid the goodies for me so Aubs wouldn't have any idea what was coming. (Aubs, you didn't know, did you? It was a surprise, RIGHT???)

When we got there, I whispered to the hostess that we were the birthday group. She found the balloons and tiara and delivered them to Aubs.
So, we ate. And drank. And it was good.

And then we ate some more. And it was GOOD.
When we were done eating, the waiter and I gave each other "the look." Our table was so tiny that he set the cake up in the wine cellar, so he invited us back there. I'm sure Aubs knew something was up then, but she played along. We enjoyed the cake and visited for quite a while longer.
I was so honored to be invited to be part of the birthday celebration. Aubs, you are an amazing young woman. You've got so much to offer this world, in your sweet, quirky, unusual sort of way. I'm so blessed to be along for the journey.
Happy birthday!!!!!
Natalie, Aubs, Andi


Kyla said...

What a great birthday! Happy birthday to her!

Andi said...

You are SUCH a great friend...Last night was FABULOUS! Aubs was wonderfully surprised, and she had a phenomenal time...so did I by the way! The cake was / is delicious; it just makes me smile every time I look at it. I can not find enough thank-yous in the world to let you know just how much I appreciate you loving my child and giving her such a happy birthday to cherish. Thanks to the entire Benson family for all you did for Aubs! You guys rock!!
(I can't wait for her to read your post.)

Christina said...

You rocked it, girl - the cake is fabulous! And you are a fabulous friend. Happy birthday, Aubs!

Arizaphale said...

What a special birthday. I know only too well the effort and love involved in icing a cake like that. I think you did a great job on the bow especially! I am terrible at bows. Surprises are the best and I am sure both daughter and mother were blown away by your thoughtfulness.