Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot off the press

So tonight we had a friend over for dinner. H and I tucked M in around 8:15. He and H played a few video games before leaving to catch a movie. I thought I heard the sound of pitiful crying, but it was hard to tell over Guitar Hero. When the guys left at 9:30, I was certain I heard sobbing, so up the stairs I climbed.

I walked in to a snotty, tear stained face. When I hugged M, I was greeted by a VERY wet bottom. V.E.R.Y. W.E.T. As in, someone forgot to put a diaper on a certain little girl who still soaks her overnight diaper, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. She was DRIPPING wet, from the top of our nightgown to her toes. Her sheet was probably dripping on the floor she was so wet.

I, ever gracious and thoughtful and kind and patient (dripping sarcasm), almost lost it. Before she could get off her bed, she was de-gowned and tossed into the tub. Not my greatest mommy moment.

Perhaps I was feeling particularly frustrated because M only has two sheets for her bed. The spare was ON the bed and the other is on the floor in the office, waiting to be washed. Now they are BOTH on the floor waiting to be washed while she is cuddled in my bed.

ARGH!!! Not quite how I had envisioned my night to myself. I thought I'd be finishing up a few gifts, editing some pictures, finishing a book. Instead, I'm washing and folding laundry, breathing deeply through my nose so I don't cause bodily harm to my toddler who thinks this is just H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. as she was telling "jokes" while she was scrubbed in the tub and now she gets to sleep with Mommy. (As I oh-so-patiently turned off the light to my room, she said, "I'll sit right here till your eyes get tired and you decide to sleep with me.")

I think I'm going to pour myself a warm mug of milk and wait on the couch for my eyes to get tired. Perhaps her sheets will be done before I'm ready for bed and I can move her to her own bed.



Arizaphale said...

Blast! Good luck with that one! Is now the time to tell you that you can make little sheets by cutting up worn out old double ones? :-)Hope you get something nice done for yourself.

Kyla said...

We've had tons of those nights, only substitute urine for vomit. AGH! Such is life. Josh has gotten used to having to find another bed to sleep in around here.

Christina said...

Deep breaths, Mama! Been there, done that. NOT fun. It's a good thing these kiddos are so darn cute or they'd be in major trouble!

Maggie said...

Oh no! Definitely not the way you want to end a day. Here's hoping today is a better day...