Sunday, June 21, 2009

A tribute to H


There are so many things I'd love to tell you about how much I love you, but words fail me. Thee are no words to tell how I search for you in the night, when I wake up, my hand reaches across the bed to feel your body. There are no words to tell how you are the FIRST person I think of when I need something, anything. There are no words to tell about the happiness that is in core of me because we are one.

There is something else:

There are no words to tell what a wonderful father you are. From the moment M entered this world, I saw that your calling in this world is being a father. As an infant, you were never scared of her the way other men might be scared of their fragile babies. You would hold her for hours. You were never scared when we went to all those doctor's appointments for her foot. My heart was racing; your contenance peaceful. I am uptight; you are calm. I am emotional, hard on her; you are slow to anger, allowing her to be a child.

M is the luckiest girl in the world to have you for a father.

We love you.


Allyson said...

so, so sweet. you are so very lucky to have such great dads in your life and you are so good at expressing your feelings...i always enjoy reading you blog!

Andi said...

More tears...oh wow. So perfect.
Though you claim not to have the words, the ones you chose were just right.
Happy Father's Day, H!

Kyla said...

This one is very sweet, too!

Arizaphale said...

Indeed, those words sum it all up beautifully.