Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And the worst mother award goes to...


Yep, that's right. I'm more than worthy of the award for the worst mother in the whole city...state...country...UNIVERSE. Before I proceed, let me make it clear that I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm REALLY not. Maybe another mom story, but no sympathy, please.

I completely traumatized my daughter this afternoon. We had a delightful time picking out some goodies at a local bakery. We hurried home to eat a grilled cheese before gymnastics class. H and I are eating homemade soup tonight, so I put the starter on the stove top to warm up before M and I left for class. I thought (okay, so thinking might be the problem in this story) that if I put it on high, I could get the water warm enough to continue to cook the vegetables while we were gone--I wanted to be able to turn the stove off when we left.

So, M and I are eating and giggling together. Smarty pants that she is, she kept looking into the kitchen and saying, "Mer--kitty." I SHOULD have looked to see what she was talking about. After about the fifth "mer-kitty," I turned, only to see the ENTIRE kitchen filled with smoke and the soup pot COMPLETELY covered in black soot. There weren't any flames--yet.

About 2 seconds after I jumped up from the table, the fire alarm went off. M jumped out of her chair and raced to me, where she wrapped her arms around me for dear life. She was shaking like a little leaf and sobbing into my legs. I picked her up to comfort her. She kept telling me "Youd, Mommy....very youd." (loud) Luckily for us, the downstairs smoke alarm ran out of batteries after about 3 times of screeching and hollering at us. Too bad I then had to carry her upstairs (she wouldn't let me put her down), climb onto the step stool, hold down the reset button--all the while holding M and she screamed "youd, mommy!" in my ear.

We called Nona on the way to gymnastics. Nona can attest to the fact that M was still saying "Youd, mommy. Youd."

Way to go, Mommy...you're a superstar.


Kyla said...

You gave her a memory she won't forget for a long time! For days you'll be hearing "Mer--kitty? Mer--kitty? YOUD! YOUD MOMMY!" LOL.

But nah, not the worst mother. Not even close. :)

Laura McIntyre said...

Oh gosh i was totally expecting some child got hurt story, but she is completly fine so your are no where near the worst mother. We all do stuff like that sometimes

Stacy said...

Well, she didn't get hurt, so you are no where near being a bad mommy! If that is being bad, I must be horrible since my fire alarm *cough* goes off occassionally *cough*. ;) I think it is just overly sensitive, though. ;0

Christina said...

Ditto Laura and Stacy. Things like that happen to all of us! She didn't get hurt and you handled it perfectly. Sounds like M was your guardian angel in this story, though!

melody is slurping life said...

Oh Natalie, no one was hurt. If I told you of the times I ignored the boys' warnings...well. You're not a bad mommy. M is a good warning signal. :)

Arizaphale said...

What they all said!
But what is Mer-kitty???? I am stumped. Mom-kitchen?

And seriously, do those things have to be SOOOOOOOOOO loud???????? I mean, wake us up yes but send us into the stratosphere???? Its OVERKILL! I blame the nanny state. :-)