Saturday, September 1, 2007

Big Girl

We're visiting my parents right now, but I had to blog about this.

M tee-teed on the big girl potty today!! YAHOO!!! For a while now, M has shown an interest in sitting on the potty. Nothing ever happens, but she'll sit there for a few minutes.

This morning, I was running her bath water. I took off her diaper and sat her on the potty. Then the unimaginable happened. My sweet baby girl DID THE DEED ON THE POTTY. My parents, H, and I were all cheering for her, so she DID IT AGAIN. And laughed. She was so proud of herself. And we're so proud of her. My parents took pictures. As much as I want to post them, I'll keep them for myself.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


Kyla said...

Amazing! Tell the big girl we say congratulations!

melody is slurping life said...

WOO HOO! Good job, M! The world of bloggy moms is proud of you.

Pssst...t-shirt is on it's way to me, then to you. :)

Susie and Joe said...

SO FUN!!! you go girl! give M a big high five from us!

Christina said...

Happy dance!!!! That is so awesome...proud of you, Miss M, and excited for YOU, Mommy! Maybe Nadia and M can have one of their get-togethers tonight and your girl can tell my girl how fun it is to potty on the potty chair like a big girl. :o) Hugs all around!

Laura McIntyre said...

Yah big girl, hopefully potty training is not far away