Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sunday, September 30th

Two very important things today (well, Sunday):

1.) I'm GRADUATING! YAHOO!!!!! Only a few loose ends (yeah, like finishing that darn thesis) and I'll be a mastered woman. Wow...22 months have blown by, crept by, and are now gone forever.
A few thanks:
Thank you, sweet H, for taking care of M all by yourself once a month for the past two years. We didn't know what we were getting into when I started this program, but it's been SO worth it. You and M have had some great times together that you wouldn't have had if I'd been here to boss you around and tell you how to do everything perfectly (because I know how, you know!).
Thank you, Mom and Dad (Nona and OB, Mr. and Mrs. Maidenname), for coming up when we really needed you to help us with M. She sure does adore her grandmother and grandfather...just like H and I do.
Thank you, Andi and Ana. How could we have done this without each other??? Just let me piggyback by saying how much you mean to me.

2.) It's my friend Susie's birthday today! Happy, Happy Birthday, Susie. I wouldn't have made it through last week as well as I did if you hadn't encouraged me to leave the house and spend time with you and your precious children. I love those little babies so much and I'm so glad M is growing up with her Wowa and Maddie (and that he calls her Mon-et!).

Oh,'re going to drool over the pictures of our new and improved back yard when I post them. Go ahead and get some tissue to keep by the computer. You'll never know when I'm going to post them.

And yes, things are getting better each day. I do have some apprehension about school Monday, but I'm emotionally ready now. Thank you so much for your prayers and support last week. We might not have ever met, but you mean so much to me.

Now I have to rest so I'll be ready to GRADUATE tomorrow!


melody is slurping life said...

Woo Hoo! Congratulations Graduate. I know you've worked hard and sacrificed for this degree.

It is so wonderful to hear a lift in your voice. My prayers and thoughts will be with you always, but especially as you return to the classroom Monday.

And I have my tissue ready. :)

(Thank you for your prayers and friendship.)

Colleen said...

Yeah! You must be so proud. I have my Master's Degree... but I did it before Zoe came along. That was tough enough. Congratulations!!!!

My thoughts will be with you on Monday. I know it will be tough.

Kyla said...


Can't wait for the drool-inducing photos!