Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Specs

I did it. Last weekend, I finally had an eye exam--the first in three years. Luckily, my eyesighte hasn't changed much at all. But I was rewarded with these cool new specs!!! I've always wanted black frames. This time I wasn't afraid to get them. Not to mention, the young girl helping me completely encouraged me to go for it. I love my new glasses!!!


Laura McIntyre said...

Love the glasses, i love coloured frames to (well black , not much a fan of bright pastal coloured ones)

melody is slurping life said...

I love the frames. I need new reading glasses and have thought of going with a black or brown frame rather than rimless. You may have encouraged me.

Arizaphale said...

Cool! And nice to see you too!!
I am so overdue for an eye exam. I am currently wearing chemist shop specs which cannot be doing my eyes any good. I have a +2.5 for up close work and I now wear one of my older +1.5 pairs to watch TV. What I really need is vari lenses but can't afford them :-(
Those frames look really funky.

Kimmie said...

Your glasses are cute! Love them on you ...enjoy your new "look!"

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Christina said...

I think this is the first time you've shared a picture of yourself! So first of all, it's good to see you. :o) And I sgree, those are nice glasses, they suit you well!

Colleen said...

The new glasses look great! I really need to get my eyes checked. I'm afraid I'm on my way to some glasses of my own.