Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Up and up

Despite my ok-ness, I realize that my bloginess has been sort of melancholy. I don't mean to be in the throes of a pity party, because I'm not. Not really.

This time is SO different. No plans were made, no due date was set. I'm OKAY. Sure, the world is a bit gray right now. Sure, I miss and mourn what MIGHT have been. But it wasn't. It isn't.

So, there were many smiling moments today.
M and I spent some sweet hammock time today.
M and I danced after dinner.
M and I actually ate the same thing for dinner. (Um...I mean, something homemade that she actually ate!)

And there were some frowning moments today, too.
M when I said it was time to go inside.
M when I turned the i-pod off.
M when I said it was time to go upstairs for her bath.
M when I *forced* her to eat dinner.

One moment we were smiling and giggling, the next she's falling on the floor in a fit. Two seconds later, she's over it and on to the next gigglefest. Repeat scene.

Does anybody else out there live with a bi-polar two year old?


Colleen said...

Oh my yes!!!! Nick thinks I'm joking when I tell him I think Zoe might be bi-polar. I think it's a case of being bi-polar... or possibly a case of multiple personalities. It's a toss up. Her 2 extremes really are shocking.

Kyla said...

All 2 year olds are! Crazy little cuties.

Arizaphale said...

Only two year olds????? My (nearly) ten year old stepson is like quite often. FOOD is a big issue. When he is fed regularly he is much mor pleasant. Low blood sugar is the culprit. The other thing is boundaries! At this age (2) they crave them. Protest but crave. So, ergo....tantrum when pushing and meeting boundary.....happy happy when boundary established and life back to secure normalcy.
Did that make ANY sense? :-)

Christina said...

Me! *waving hands wildly* I live with a crazy bi-polar two year old too! Her mood must switch a billion times a day.

I'm glad you're doing okay. I really can understand how it's a very different experience this time around.