Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nov. 13 (7 random things)

I was tagged by my dear blog-friend Colleen to do a 7 Random Things about Me meme. Seeing how I'm not often invited to participate and when I am invited, I tend to forget and not do them(hm...wonder why I'm not invited to play often???), I decided to get busy right away and do this one.

So, here goes. 7 Random things about Natalie:

1.) I love lists. I'm just like my father. I have TONS of to-do lists. I like to make them as specific as possible so I can cross off more things. Instead of just writing down: clean the bathroom, I list each thing that needs to be done. The difference between my father and me is that he actually accomplishes things on his lists. I just keep adding to mine.

2.) I'm the oldest of three. Know anything about birth order? I'm a classic first child.

3.) My idea of organization is to rearrange stacks. If there isn't a stack there, make one. Have some free counter space? Fill it up with a new stack. I'll never have enough storage for all my junk. I like to collect things. One thing I do love to organize: the mail. I love to tear up junk mail and throw it away. I'm a believer in the touch once rule, but only with the mail. I flip through it daily, tear up anything that's junk, file my bills on my desk. Ahh...my day is complete.

4.) I've been married 6 years. When I got married, I successfully caught the kitchen on fire trying to cook, had to ask my husband to sew on buttons, and didn't have a clue how to vacuum (okay, that's a little exaggeration, but it sounds good!). Now I cook, sew, scrapbook, make cards and other crafts, knit. I still hate cleaning, but with all those hobbies, who has TIME to clean? I'm going to have to hire someone.

5.) I'm a teacher so I talk to 7 year olds all day long. I LOVE when other adults talk to me and treat me like I'm intelligent. I met a photographer this weekend who treated me that way. It's so nice when someone doesn't talk "down" to me because I'm a teacher. A few weeks ago, I did an art show at my school. The artist beside me (very, very well educated) and I had such a great conversation that had nothing to do with education or children. Refreshing!

6.) I love musicals. LOVE them.

7.) I want to travel internationally. I'm very, very proud to be American, but the world is so much bigger than America. I want to see Italy--the big cities and the countryside. I want to visit village in Africa and Mexico. I want to see Russia and China. I want to play tourist and I want to see how the natives live.

So, that's 7 random things about me. What about you? Are you game for divulging 7 random things about yourself? C'mon...play along. If you're reading this,




Kyla said...

I'm running out of random over here! LOL! I'll keep it in my back pocket for a NaBloPoMo crisis situation, though.

In regards to #4, we have both been married 6 years, and we both started out the same...but you have made much more progress than me. Today I cooked my first grilled cheese sandwich, if that tells you anything. Haha!

Colleen said...

See... you came up with 7 interesting things!!!

I totally am with you on the lists and the stacks!!!
Nick and I will have been married 6 years in January.

melody is slurping life said...

When you get your passport in order and are ready to purchase tickets...PLEASE let me know. I'll go with you, but the kids stay home.

Loved peeking into who you are just a wee bit more. :)

BTW, I'm ignoring the inclusive tag as I am behind in 3 memes and two of them are the 7 things...again!

Christina said...

I do the exact same thing with detailed lists!! My Mom has always done that and I used to find it funny...and now here I am doing it myself!
And rearranging stacks = organization? Yup, me too.
I will join you and Melody for the world tour!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your random things...my favorite was perhaps number 3 since I, too, love stacks! I have so much stuff- papers, books, stuff-that I am never sure where to put it all, so a stack seems like a good idea. It drives Al totally nuts. He is literally BEGGING me to clean up my side of the office since our masters is done. My stacks have gotten out of hand in here...Ha,ha. Love you and your fun lists. Thanks for sharing,

Arizaphale said...

I too am a first child, oldest of three, my stacks are encroachng onto Himself's side of the studio (its a teacher thing), I am also a teacher, we are going to see Miss Saigon in Jan (see no 6) AND if you want to travel internationally....come to Australia!!! We can find a bed for you I'm sure. You too Melody and Christina!