Friday, November 30, 2007

Nov. 30 (Phrase Friday)

A few cute phrases for you.

M's understanding of holiday words:
Noma'am: Snowman
Anta cos: Santa Claus

A funny non-holiday story for your delight:
Whenever I ask M, "What is your name?" she replies, "two!" and holds up two fingers. She says "two" when you ask how old she is, too. Last night, I finally got her to respond with her name. It went like this.
Me: What's your name?
M: M!
Me: That's right! What's your name?
M: (laughing) M!
Me: Yes! Mommy is so proud of you! What's your name?
M: M!
Me: Good girl! How old are you?
M: M!

Okay, so I obviously didn't do SUCH a great job teaching her. H and I busted out laughing, which made M laugh, which reinforced all the confusion.

Another funny thing. Last year, H bought one of those dancing plush toys--you know, where you push the button on one of the characters' hands and it plays music and dances. M loved that thing so much that we kept it out all year. Quick digression: A few days ago, we were in the car late in the evening and she had a bear in her hand. She obviously didn't realize that bear talked, so when it started talking and singing to her, SHE COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT. I had to pull over on the side of the road because she was screaming like she was hurt. She was pushing the bear away with one hand, but holding so tight with the other and the bear wasn't going anywhere! I said, "Oh, sweet girl...that bear scared you, didn't it?" (Back to the singing and dancing Christmas toy) Now she HATES anything that sings and dances. Her new thing is to run over and press the button on the singing Santa/Reindeer and race to me screaming, "Dat care me! I-hol-ju-me!" ("That scares me. Please hold me!") Before I got home last night, she even convinced H to press the button and then flipped out on him. He hadn't witnessed it before. Joke's on him!

What cute things are going on in your life right now?


Kyla said...

LOL! When my little SIL (she is 6 now) was a baby, the song that the exersaucer played scared her to death, but she would stand there and KEEP her hand on it while she shrieked over it. She was DETERMINED to get used to it, I guess. LOL.

This morning KayTar and I were playing the letter-sounds game. I sing-song the phonetic sounds, she identifies the letter. Anyway, I made the T sound (tuh, tuh, tuh-tuh, tuh) and she said, "TOAST! Want some toast!" LOL!

Golightly said...

LOL - Poor thing! I can just picture holding and pushing at the same time. Harrison is into announcing himself. Anyone that says hello (when he's not having a shy day, I should add) get the response, "I'm Haridon." It's quite a big name for such a small gut to tackle, he's mastering it well.

Anonymous said...

The funniest phrase I have heard in the LONGEST time happened just a few evenings ago in our home...Aubrey (18 years old) had a new boy (B.) over for dinner (wow, I know!) and he met ME for the first time. (I had already changed into my flannel pj bottoms and a immediately after-work attire!) When he and Aubrey left to run to the store, she sent me a text message that said, "B. thinks you're HOT!" I laughed until I CRIED...seriously. I replied, "He obviously needs glasses!" I told Aubrey when she got home that B. should meet YOUR friends, and she said, "I think their daughters are too young!" LOL

Elizabeth said...

Okay, we were coming down the steps the other day and M said, "Did you see my new baby?"
Me, "You got a new baby? (nana had been to babysit)
M - "Yes, it's here in my Belly button".
Me, "It's in your belly button?"
M - "Do you see it, Mamma?" (as she holds up her shirt)
Me, "Yes, it's a beautiful Baby!"
M - "M3(BABY SISTER), has a baby in her bellybutton, too!"

Christina said...

Oh that little M is too cute and funny! Nadia says her name for her age too. She has 4 of those dancing, singing toys, and she likes to have them all going at once. Oy!

Arizaphale said...

I just love "I-hole-ju-me".