Friday, November 2, 2007

Nov. 2 (Phrase Friday)

Okay, y'all. It's seriously time for you to play along. Don't leave me hanging out here in the land of cute phrases all by myself! Leave me a comment or post a link to your blog and we'll all head over there to read your fun phrases for Friday! (Mom--aka Nona--come on and play! Surely one of us said something cute when we were little!)

Here are a few cute things M is saying now:

1. She has a cousin named Joshua. She calls him ISH-OO-AH (ish as in f-ish, oo as in oo, that's so cool, and ah as in ah, cool water on a hot day)

2. ya-dee-o means radio. It took about 3 mornings before I realized she was asking for me to turn the radio up. She would repeat ya-dee-o UP! all the way to school. Finally I realized Thursday what she wanted. Ah, the peace that brought on our morning commute.

3. We have a chocolate lab named Mocha. Every single dog and horse we see is called Mocha. Every now and then she'll label the other animals correctly, but everything from the tiniest teacup puppy to the most gigantic stallion is a Mocha.

I think three might be enough this week. I'll save some more for your complete and utter enjoyment next week. Or maybe she'll develop something cute between now and next Friday.

Remember, I'm posting every day in November. Be sure to leave a little comment when you drop by!


Colleen said...

Zoe has 4 cousins. Each of them got there own "Zoe name" when she first started talking.

Larisa was Isa
Alex was Ax
Nina was Eena
Avery was (is) Wavery

Christina said...

I just posted earlier today with one of Nadia's favorite phrases!

Nadia has amusing names for all her cousins, but these two are my favorites:
Pennelope is Pem-pee
Sohpie is Fo-fie

And one more: she calls apples "po-paws." She insists that I call them that, too, I can ask if she wants apple and she says no, but if I ask if she wants "po-paw" she shouts Yes!

Kyla said...

KayTar has been big on saying "Oh my goodness!" and putting her hands on her cheeks.

Also popular this week:
'Curvy dogs
WAAAAAH da plank!


Golightly said...

Hey Natalie,
I love Ya Dee O for radio! It's similar to Harrison's "Upvader" for Elevator.

Harrison also called all animals "Duke", after our dog, for a while.

It's been a long day on our end, we had a memorial to attend. (Touching but draining.) But my post is up!

Arizaphale said...

Will try and join in next week but for now...Baby Angel used to call 'crisps' (potato chips)...tiswis. Go figure!! It was a while before she could say 'c' which was tricky cos her name starts with 'c' :-D

melody is slurping life said...

Dang! I've got to organize a calendar so I do not keep missing things I want to do.

I love yours and the other mom's phrases. Some of mine these days might be x-rated! Why do they grow up so fast? I'll try to remember some of the "when they were little" cute stuff.

Elizabeth said...

M older M says "Potato" for Playdough and she calls one of her babies Crazy Cakes (I don't know if that will stick though)