Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nov. 20 (Princess Benson)

Introducing Princess Benson:

What? You think she has some left over lunch around her mouth?? Well, a Princess MUST have french fries with a heavy dose of ketchup for lunch and a delicious mint cookie for dessert.

Princess Benson allows a quick glimpse of her princess wand.

Don't tell me you didn't know that tiaras were also gun holsters? Well, it's all the rage amongst princesses to protect themselves and what better way to do it than to use your tiara to disguise your weapon! Princess Benson actually started this fashion statement.

Princess Benson worked very hard all morning ruling her kingdom. She's gone to her royal throne room for a hefty dose of beauty sleep.
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Colleen said...

So cute. Zoe's not into any princess stuff yet. I think she may be destined to be a total non-princessy tomboy.

Kyla said...

Beautiful princess!

Christina said...

Princess Benson, you charm me!
She is so precious! I especially love the tidbit about tiaras doing double duty as gun holsters. ;o) And I love the last shot of all her princess gear. N likes to wear stuff like that...for about 2 seconds and then she tears it all back off! Hugs to your sweet princess!

melody is slurping life said...

How absolutely precious are those shots. Princess Benson indeeds rules and charms the subjects of her kingdom.

Super captures.

Stacy said...

She's an adorable princess! I like how shes using the tiara as a gun holster...very cute!

Arizaphale said...

Great post!!!! Love the last shot. Can just imagine her snoozing after a heavy morning of Princessing the world!