Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nov. 25 (Memories)

M is at such a critical age right now. I feel a huge burden to train her in the way she should go so that she brings joy to those around her. She is a completely delightful little girl--I never want my child to be the "brat" that others don't want around. Every day I'm amazed by how smart she is and how quickly she learns something new. She has a wonderful sense of humor and LOVES to tease. She is so compassionate and sweet to her dolls and sometimes her real friends. I want to foster all of these positive traits in her.

The other thing I want to do for her is create wonderful childhood memories. I want so much for her childhood to be filled with wonder and excitement. Today we went to pick out our Christmas tree. We're not the family you see at the Christmas tree farm chopping down our own tree. No, no...we're the family at Lowe's holding all the 7-8 footers that don't look too Charlie Brown-ish. We're the family with the bossy two year old who tells her mother and father what to do, but laughes the entire time she does it because she's teasing. I'm the mother that takes the two year old into Lowe's because it's too cold to stand around outside while the father pays for the tree. M is the two year old who is completely fascinated by the Christmas decorations inside. She's the two year old who dances to the completely ghetto-licious animated Santa Claus and Snowman who are rapping traditional Christmas carols. She's also the two year old who loves to push buttons and finds the one toy with the button that makes a fun present open--inside the present are skating bears and snowmen. She's the two year old who sits down on the floor of Lowe's, completely filled with wonder over a Christmas decoration.

Click on the pictures above to check out our trip to get our tree. Pictures of a decorated tree forthcoming when we decorate it.
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melody is slurping life said...

Nat, this is a beautiful post. M is so blessed to have such a giving, concerned and focused mom. She will remember these years as completely magical...I promise.

Love the photos.

Colleen said...

Wonderful post.

We would be getting a tree in the exact same way (no tree farm for us!) if we didn't use a pre-lit artificial tree. We're those people. haha

Christina said...

What a beautiful post, Natalie! Just as you are blessed with such a sweet little girl, Meryt is blessed with such a wonderful mother! I feel the pressure of the respsonsibility of raising a child, too...may God give us both the grace and wisdom to raise young ladies that are everything we hope for!
Oh, and we're the family with an artificial tree, too, and this year one that's only 3 feet tall. :o)
P.S. Such wonderful pictures...I'd love to see some of them individually!

Anonymous said...

M cannot help but have sweet cherished childhood moments because of all of the wonderful ways that you make everything so very special! You inspire ME and Aubrey's almost an adult! M will NEVER be a "brat" and even though those teenage years WILL try you, she will NEVER forget the special touches that you and H bless her with each day...
By the way, we are the artificial tree people too- the ones with the mother that LONGS for the pine needle evergreen scent of Christmas, but her 5 crazy cats would NEVER allow such! The one that holds her breath each time she enters the house every day after school in hopes that the artificial tree has not toppled over with the cat activity of the day- swatting ornaments, resting peacefully on the bottom limbs, attempting to climb tree-everest...
What a beautiful post; thanks for sharing- also what precious photos!
Love you, Andi

Arizaphale said...

Artificial tree here too. But then I guess that's not surprising! Catching up with my blog reading. I don't know what happened to the end of November!