Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nov. 27th (Wordless)

I'm wordless today. It's 9:16 and I've kissed H goodnight. I'm in my pjs. I'm going to knit for a few minutes and then head off to dream land. That's what happens when you have an awesome week off and then you return to work. Work just saps it out of you. I hope I'll have something inspirational tomorrow.

One sweet thing:
Today one of M's friends (a boy...she's the only girl) at school came over for a big hug and kiss. She told him "My mommy. My kishes!" I told her I had plenty of kisses for both of them. Then I told her to give her friend a hug and kiss. Boy, did she ever. She grabbed both sides of his cute little face and planted one on him. That's my girl.


Colleen said...

Big smoochie kisses! Cute.

melody is slurping life said...

You go, M! I adore the uninhibited passion of preschoolers.

Back to work just stinks, huh? Just think, Christmas holidays are right around the corner.

Christina said...

Good for you for hitting the sak early!

Love the story about your sweet little affectionate gal!

Kyla said...

"My Mommy! My kishes!" like you are her personal kiss dispenser. LOL! Cute.

Ahhh, well, just a few weeks before Christmas break, that's what I keep telling poor BubTar. He says he likes school, "except for the waiting and the working". LOL. Don't we all! And he says it with this little toothless lisp that just kills me.