Friday, November 16, 2007

Nov 15 and 16 (Missed another one)

Nov. 15:

Nothing to post about, so I skipped it, even though I said I'd post every day for a month. I stink.

Nov. 16:
Phrase Friday!! YEAH!!!

First of all, let me tell everyone something exciting: It's 8:32 and I'm in my pj's. I've got a stack of magazines. When I finish typing this, I'm going to take a hot bath w/ my magazines, then I'm going to sit in my bed and watch TV and knit away until I'm ready to go to sleep. YES! I'm out of school for an entire week for Thanksgiving Break. M and I are so excited. Actually, I'm so excited. She's got a little vomit problem, but I'm SURE when she feels better, she'll be so excited too.

Here are some cute phrases from my cute little girl:

The newest one: "Yook at me, Mommy!" (Look at me, Mommy!) What she REALLY wants is for me to stop doing whatever it is that is causing me to ignore her and pay complete attention to her. Usually this phrase is accompanied by a "cheese" face that is reserved for photo sessions.

"No, no, no mo pit-ers" (No, no, no more pictures!) Please note that everything is said with great expression right now. She's not so much into having her picture taken right now. When we left OB and Nona last weekend, they were taking pictures of M. As much as M adores OB, she got rather adamant about not having any more pictures taken. Tonight she was wearing her sunglasses while she ate. She wanted ONE picture taken. When I started to take several, she got rather irate and insisted "No, no, no mo pit-ers!" I only put the camera down so she wouldn't vomit again.

This is just a cute story. The other day on the way home from school, I was chatting it up with my little mouth-of-the-south. It was going something like this:
Me: So, did you have a good day?
M: grunt.
Me: What did you do?
M: grunt
Me: That sounds like fun. Did your friends do that, too?
M: grunt
Get the idea?
Finally, M said, "SHHH!!! NO talking, Mommy!"
Okie-dokie. My two year old shut me up real quick. Something is not right here.

I think I hear something, friends! It's your cute phrases that you're just dying to share with us! C'mon...give 'em to us. (Nona, this is your week...give my blog friends something funny from when I was little or something cute M said when she was with you last weekend.)

Now my bath is calling me. I'm outta here.

One more thing...cute pictures to come tomorrow.


Colleen said...

Oh... a bath. That sounds lovely. I think I just might do that too!

Arizaphale said...

Cutest all time phrase from a student heard this Friday..last day of Year 11 lessons
"Thanks Mrs A...I really appreciated you being our teacher!"

*waaaaaaah* I am such a softie.

Kind of makes up for the Year 9s who are ....well.....Year 9s. >:-(

PRUITT2it said...

We had our school jamboree last night and I was in charge of "WHO HAIR", straight out of Whoville. Little P decided she wanted to design mommy's who hair and was really working hard at it paying no attention to the torture treatment she was putting me through. Then, she put down the pipe cleaner she was working with and said she needed another one because that one was "all wobbled up". Ha!

Christina said...

Okay, so I'm two days late...but at least I'm here! I have to admit, I totally laughed out loud at M telling you to "shhh!" And no more pictures, that sounds like my girl, too.

Nadia's new thing this week has been adding "pretty" to just about everything. Lunch isn't just good, it's "pretty good." She's not just cold, she's "pretty cold." We're not just leaving soon, we're leaving "pretty soon." It's PRETTY funy!