Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nov. 21 (White Balance)

I just read something recently about white balance. I remembered it yesterday and wanted to see the difference. So while M was playing with her pony jack-in-the-box, I changed the white balance from AWB, to whichever one seemed most appropriate for indoors. I can DEFINITELY tell a difference.

This image is a little more "yellow." (warmer?)

This image is a little more "white" or "blue" to me. (cooler?) Although I like the light reflection in this one. Is that due to the white balance?

Truly, I think I like the first one better. What do you think? Please be honest...I want to become a better photographer!


Colleen said...

It's not letting me see the photos. Just 2 little boxes. But I can scroll down and see yesterdays pictures. It's just this post. Hmmmm

Stacy said...

Yes, the second is more blue. What you have to look at is the lighting. Do you have tungsten lights on indoors or is it filtered natural light from the windows. If it is filtered natural light, I usually set to cloudy. If the interior is lit by overhead lights, then I use that setting. Sometimes the auto wb does a good job at getting the color right, and sometimes it doesn't. It's a crap shoot!

Kyla said...

I don't know enough to know! LOL. But I think I prefer the first. Many times I run my indoor photos through Picasa's warmify feature when they come out a little cooler than I'd like.

And I'm a lazy photographer. I still use my camera's pre-made settings!

Christina said...

I always use auto white balance...I have never even once changed the setting. But I usually "fix" the color tone in PS. The second one definitely is more blue...too blue for me, I prefer warm tones so #1 wins!