Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 4 and December 5

When I was growing up, my mom and dad always bundled us up one evening and drove us around to look at Christmast lights. I enjoyed doing that even when I was a teenager. This is one tradition I want to start with M. So, last night after much Chrsitams shopping and dinner out, we picked up coffee and hot chocolate from Starbucks and drove around looking at Christmas lights. To say she enjoyed it would be a major understatement. I hope we will do this several times a year.

We finally got our Christmas boxes out of the attic today. When we gave M her nativity set from last year and the new one Nona and OB gave her, she played with it for several hours this afternoon. I heard her whispering the nativity story to herself. What sweet faith to know so young that we are really celebrating the birth of our Savior.


Rachel said...

Precious pic of M!!!! I also LOVED driving around looking at the lights. It was one of my favorite traditions that I hope my kids will also enjoy just as much:)

Kyla said...

We don't have enough houses with lights up to go driving yet, but I think we will later in the month.

Andi said...

These two things make my heart swell with remembrance...we ALWAYS drove around looking at lights too and my parents would stop at a drug store and get the huge candy canes for us to eat while we were looking...such amazing sights to a child's eyes.
And the nativity- my parents had an old set from K-Mart (probably purchased in the 60's even before I was born). It always was in its original box, and all the parts had their own special space in the plastic inside the box. My brothers would get them out and set them up when I was really little. But it was MY job to put baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas Eve before we went to bed. Later when the brothers grew up, I got to "play" with the manger set and it felt like THE most special thing in the world. When my parents moved and sold most of their stuff, that manger was something we ALL wanted. My oldest brother got it, but I got the baby Jesus and His manger. LOL M will ALWAYS remember these things.

Arizaphale said...

We have a Brewery here in Adelaide which always did a Christmas light show on the banks of the river running through their property. Going to see the 'Brewery Lights' is a huge memory from my childhood. Houses doing lights is a recent innovation.