Monday, December 21, 2009

December Daily 20 and 21

December 20: Done shopping!

This is the final haul of Christmas presents. YEAH! It felt great to be done and not panicking at the *very* last minute.

December 21: Happy Birthday! This little man is 10 years old now. I wasn't officially part of the family when he was born, but I've loved him to pieces since the moment I met him. We love celebrating with him! (My aperature wasn't high {large] enough, so M is in perfect focus, but the birthday boy is a little fuzzy!)

Just a side note. This is what we dined on for breakfast this morning:

We saw it at The Fresh Market last night and just had to try it. It's called a pomelo. It's huge, sweet, sour, and absolutely delicious. It was a rare treat as it costs $5!!! I'd never seen one before. It was fun to try something new.


Kyla said...

We're done shopping, too...Josh made a major impulse buy today, though and the kids are gonna FLIP! (it's a guinea pig)

Arizaphale said...

Yum. That looks like a huge pink grapefruit! Shopping is mostly done here too.