Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Daily 2

Welcome home, holiday edition.

"The holidays cause me to take stock of our house. As I pull out the Christmas decorations, I'm ultra aware of how our home is lacking. Sure, I wish I had spotless carpet and less clutter. But the reality is, there are random dishes in the sink, always; there are dirty baseboards and dusty blinds. This is our home. We live here. We're comfortable here and we want our guests to be comfortable here, too. So, come on over. Sit with us for a while. Sip on a mug of hot chocolate and let's enjoy each other's company."


Kyla said...

Sounds PERFECT to me!

Megan Gordon said...

Would love to come over and enjoy your company is your very "normal" home! Overly neat and clean homes intimidate me and usually belong to people who have hired help, which we cannot afford. Call me when you have some hot chocolate brewing!

Arizaphale said...

Megan you are SO right!! But Nat...can you make mine eggnog? hahaha