Thursday, December 31, 2009


My dad and I are alike in millions of tiny and some not-so-tiny ways. We like to have a plan. We share favorite authors. We use the same phrases. We like to make lists. Lots of lists.

Today, however, my dad got a call about the only list that matters right now.

He's being listed for a lung transplant.

It's almost surreal. This is definitely something we've been aware would happen for many years (like 16 years!), but it's here. His transplant coordinator said, "Pack your bags and leave them by the door." It could be three days or three month or three something longer before the lungs that are a match for him become available.

That's the hardest part for me. "Lungs become available." I know what that means. I know that when my dad is given another chance at life, someone else's father-son-mother-daughter-friend has died. Of course I want my dad to live another 10, 15, even 20 years! He's only 59, for goodness sake! But I hate, hate, hate that for him to live, someone else has to die. I'm praying for that family now. That when the time arrives and my dad's new lungs are available, that the other family, who will have lost someone precious to them, will know that they've given THIS family the most precious gift we could ever want: more time with my dad. More time to make memories. More time for M, my niece, and my unborn niece or nephew to know their grandfather.


Susie said...

wow nat! that is great news! i am so glad i checked the blog! rejoicing with all of you!

missing you already! we all had such a great time. i really appreciate your visit! it means so much to me that you made the effort to come! much love!

Arizaphale said...

Really Nat I don't know what to say. You are such a caring soul that this will never have a great resolution for you. But I know I have my name on the organ donor list (as if anyone would want my ravaged organs :-D) and I have spoken to my family, and if, God willing, lungs should become available, it is the amazing plan at work. Nothing else to say except, you are in our prayers.

Kyla said...

It is a blessing that someone will be able to gift such a gift at the end of their life. It is an odd thing to hope to happen, but whoever donates to him, I know he will honor their life with his.

Katie said...

Nat, I can honestly say that the one thing that really helped my mother deal with my brother's death was the opportunity to donate his organs - I think they went to 6 people. It really is a gift for the donors family to be able to make something good happen from the death of a loved one. Lots of love!

Maggie said...

Praying for your family and hoping that 2010 is the year of new lungs!

Andi said...

What a blessing. I will be praying. Just knowing that a part of a loved one would help someone else live would make it a blessing in the midst of a painful time.
I think Kate is right. It could ease the most horrible pain for someone else...
I love the image of the bags packed by the door- HOPE manifested...ready and waiting. Much love to you all.